Days 96 – 102 of Project 365

Days 96 - 102 of Project 365

96. Whoosh! (Look at the exhilaration on his face!)

97. Stuntman (The boots say it all really. And did he jump from the swing? Of course he did!)

98. Coming or Going? (I've got no idea whether he was kicking or catching this ball, but I love the anticipation on his face, and the motion blur of the ball.)

99. Whoops! (The Boy had to stay off school due to general mehness and created this car racing track with Grandad. Unfortunately his LEGO car had a tendency to fly apart.)

100. Downfall (Ear infections are The Boy's downfall, I really wish they would, quite frankly, knob off and 'do one'! Not a definite diagnosis yet, but something is brewing and I'm wary ahead of our holiday in Butlin's. Another day off school knocking our attendance percentage down again.)

101. Aim (A game of French cricket in the garden after school, one of my favourite childhood games and it is so wonderful to see The Boy playing games that I did.)

102. Tree Climber (We met up with one of The Boy's friends in the local nature reserve, and they developing their tree climbing skills.)

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  1. says

    I love how all these photos involve different kinds of play and fun. Looks like a great week for him apart from feeling a bit under the weather. Hope the time off gave it the proverbial kick it needed. Bunny's had loads of time off this term too and I'm just glad that at this age attendance really isn't that big a deal!

  2. says

    awwww i love his face in the final tree climbing pic and i hope his week at Butlins next week has more of the same. (i hope his ear infection knobs off for you!)
    In fact looking back throught the photos again he has a look of concentration on his face in all of them (apart from the Angry Birds welly boot one!)
    a fab week for playing outside x

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      Oh Gary Barlow concert? You lucky beast! Love the one of the three of them flying.

      Thanks for commenting and linking up.

  3. says

    Wonderful photographs of The Boy – what snazzy boots! Love the concentration on his face and that last photo is just fabulous. Sounds like you've had a good week 🙂

  4. says

    I love the way his tongue gets into the action when he's concentrating. And as one who has done the ear infection, after ear infection thing my heart goes out to you. It really sucks

  5. says

    Some lovely action shots in there – love the first one. It's grim when they have a weakness isn't it? With GG it was chest infections every 6 weeks. Luckily she's grown out of it now but it's taken some time.

  6. says

    Those darn ear infections! Looks like it was suitably knocked into touch though judging by the latter photos! Love the tree climbing shot the best: such a big wide smile 🙂

  7. says

    Really lovely pictures of himself! Tree and building STUFF are just brilliant – I do like the wellies one too – and hope all better for time away x

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