The Matilda Mae Welly Walk

On Saturday 2nd November 2013, we had the pleasure of attending the Matilda Mae Welly Walk at Beale Park, Reading. It was a beautiful day to celebrate the life of a very special little girl who left this world too soon, emotional for her parents and all that knew her, but as the sun shone down and bubbles floated to the sky it would have been impossible not to smile as children of all ages shrieked with laughter.

These photos tell the story of the day.

Matilda Mae Welly Walk 1

Matilda Mae Welly Walk 2

Matilda Mae Welly Walk 3

Matilda Mae Welly Walk 4

Matilda Mae Welly Walk 5

Matilda Mae Welly Walk 6

Matilda Mae Welly Walk 7

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  1. sarah says

    It looked like such a beautiful and emotional day. Your photos capture the day perfectly. I will always think of Matilda Mae when I see bubbles. XX

  2. says

    Oh I love seeing all the posts about MM welly walk.So many emotive posts and beautiful photos.I love the idea of blowing bubbles for her.

  3. says

    Lovely photographs – and a very special day. Beale Park is a lovely place and we've had many happy days there, as it is just 10 minutes away from our old home in Berkshire!

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