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There are some people who take photographs that are so intriguing that they make the viewer ponder them. It might be because of the content, or it might be because of the editing style. Steph from Point & Snap The World is a person who makes me react in exactly this way for both those reasons.


Tilt-shift, accentuated colours, monochrome, HDR filters. These are all features of her photographs, and it always amazes me how Steph can photograph so many different subjects, edit the photographs with varying finishes and still retain her definitive style. She likes her trees, 'stealth photography' with human interest, alleyways and architecture, close-up flowers, converse trainers.

I've been following Steph since she first started doing the 365 Project in the first week with the most amazing shadow, greyscale shadow picture. The blog she was using then is no longer online, but a thumbnail is available in that first week's linky; she's number 58.

The Instagram feed of Not So Slummy (as is her twitter and IG name) is a recognisable one with quirky and sneaky photos of the world around her; definitely one to follow!

Point&SnapTheWorld 1

I absolutely love the photo of the two 'old dears' having an afternoon cuppa together under the shade of the parasol. The lady whose side profile we can see is chuckling away, and I can only imagine what was said to her by her companion to make her life in such a way. The less sneaky photograph of the poppy is simply stunning and needs no further commentary.

Point&SnapTheWorld 2

The police car above to me epitomises Steph's photographs; classic high definition shots with perfect framing. I'd love to know what that old car was doing there, because I'm pretty sure that it's not still in service! The boisterous colours of the quirky canalboat are a wonderful contrast to the murky brown waters of the river behind.

These are Steph's favourite six from the 365 Project so far.


27/03/13 – I was walking home one day and I saw these 3 ladies having a good ol' proper chinwag! They brought such a smile to my face!


22/04/13 – I visited York for the first time earlier this year, and I had such a lovely time there, this was just a tranquil shot.


01/06/13 – My boy, this is him in his element, just having fun! He's my world and brings my joy.


04/07/13 – A simple picture of an icon!


25/09/13 – This was taken just as summer was turning to autumn. One of the last balmy evenings we had and the rowers look so graceful gliding down the Thames.


29/09/13 – I go through moods of taking colourful pictures, but on this foggy morning, colour would never do it justice.

  • When did you start doing the 365 photo project, and why?

I started in January 2012, after I saw a few people tweeting about it, and liked the idea of taking a photo a day.

  • Why did you decide to continue the project for a second year?

I really started getting into taking photos of people, places and things and set up a blog strictly for my photos. And despite going back to work full time, I was really determined to see it all the way through 2013.

  • What's the best bit about doing a 365 photo project?

I love looking back and being reminded of the places I've been or taking me back to a moment.

  • Are there times when you've wanted to give up, why? What kept you going?

Absolutely, there are some days when I just feel uninspired and think to myself 'does anyone want to see another flower or some scenic shot?'  And life is busy for me, so it's very easy to get into that frame of mind, when I think, 'I'll do it tomorrow'. But it's good therapy just to start snapping and see what photos appear.

  • What tips would you give to anyone who wants to start a 365 project?

Pick up your camera or smart phone and just take photos! I've only ever used my iPhone to take my pictures and do a bit of editing with the snapseed app. I love the instantaneous element that can be captured. It's also good to look at others taking part in the project for inspiration. And most importantly, have fun with it!

Here's the challenge; can you HDR your world like Point & Snap The World does?

Please pop back next Thursday when I introduce the wonderful and loving family life of MummyMishaps.

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  1. says

    goodness I am following Steph!!!!!
    I think she takes amazing photos – she has such an eye for colour and zooming our eyes in on interesting focal points. i always enjoy seeing her pics on my IG feed too. that final photo could be a still from an old film like a film noir or a thriller made by Hitchcock x

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