The First Day

I have been avoiding this day for weeks now.

I knew it was coming and practically we had everything prepared. The uniforms were stamped, washed, ironed, and hung on tiny wooden hangers ready for selection. The lunchbox had been practised. Various water bottles shaken upside down vigorously to see if they were suitable. Proper shoes bought from Clarks. Canvas shoes bought for the first few weeks when it's still hot and he's wearing shorts. Heels broken down so as not to cut little ankles. Lunchtime discussed. Dinner ladies talked about. Independent toileting has happened. Nose blowing practised. His name written over and over again, trying to correct the misformation of a certain letter which has come from nowhere. Snack time explained.

Tears wiped away in private.

Many tears.

Yet the 2nd of September still happened, just as I knew it always would.

And he is ready for school, and he's excited by it. He needs the social interaction and the challenge. Quite frankly he also needs squashing (and as a teacher, saying that doesn't come easily!).

Good luck my clever, funny, bright and sweet little boy. Enjoy your time at school, make friends but stay true to who you are, share and be friendly but don't be walked over, be polite and kind, be yourself because that it who everyone loves. I love you with all my heart, thank you for letting me guide you these past four years, and here's to the next chapter.

First day at school

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  1. says

    Oh my goodness! How are YOU?! He looks FINE, full of fun ready for the day (and terribly cute!) By the way I once worked with a chap in his late 20s who had no idea how to blow his nose, so you're one up on him already!

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      I am struggling this week after working from 8.30-5 for two days; not being there for drop-off and pick-up is very emotionally hard. He's having a great time but is exhausted.

      Why is it so hard for a grown man to blow his nose?! Ridiculous!

  2. says

    Aww big hugs to you. I'm dreading just sending z to nursery. I need to go see the nursery next week and I keep putting it off. I'm sure the Boy will be telling you so many stories by now about his exciting day 🙂

  3. says

    oh now you have got me started!!! *wipes eyes* i had a crying incident alone when i hung out the washing this morning – i think it was knowing the boy had started today and then i was thinking of you and me in less than 2 weeks time.
    ruddy hell – this is a lovely post and he looks so handsome and happy in his uniform – i have to stop now because now i am really cryingx

  4. says

    Aww, he looks pleased as punch! I am glad I had someone else to talk to about the beginning of school. I am still emotional when I think about him being at school.

  5. says

    Just when I thought I was safely past blubbing about my little boy starting school you're beautiful post has gone and started my tears flowing again. Damn you and your super cute photo! 😉 Hope the Boy had a fantastic day.

  6. Rachael says

    What a beautiful post and what a beautiful smile your little boy has. I hope that he's loving school and that you're ok.

    My little lady started for the first time yesterday and is loving it so far. x

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