Days 195-201 of Project 365

195-201 of 365

195. Edible (On the way down to Burton's birthday party, we stopped off at Tyntesfield National Trust site to wander around. Unfortunately it was the hottest day of the year and so we did little more than sit under a tree and have a very edible picnic.)

196. Outside The Window (Such a boring photo to everyone else… this window has been broken for a month, and during this hot weather it has been a nightmare as it is perfectly positioned to catch and direct an amazing breeze through the downstairs rooms. We couldn't find our guarantee so bit the bullet and phoned up the double glazing company, expecting to need a new window: Β£15 for a new handle was all the damage! And outside the window is my son's play-haven.)

197. Bottle (We met up with friends of ours at our local nature reserve. Despite having lived in Cardiff for twenty years until university, she'd never actually been there and so we were happy to show them how to feed the swans, where the squirrels can be found, the best trees for climbing and the wonderful play park. My friend adored it, and both of the children loved it when I produced some clay from my bag ready for a very special craft activity! I was amazed to see The Boy climb all the way up this tree, completely unaided; he's got a lot of bottle nowadays when it comes to tree climbing!)

198. Inspirational (A fairly contrived photo of the prompt, but this boy of mine is inspirational to me to try my hardest to provide stimulating play opportunities and be the best mummy I can.)

199. Number (I know it's Summer and therefore we should be used to the fact that it should be hot, but I've never seen it this hot in The Boy's bedroom at night; a ridiculous number. No rain in weeks, and it's so sticky and muggy that we do actually need a thunderstorm.)

200. Building (Last day of term! When I finally arrived home from work, we settled down with coloured pencils, building his 'to-do' list for the Summer.)

201. Hot (As it was the town's annual carnival, we went down to see what was going on down the beach. The answer was not very much indeed, apart from a downhill derby, so we ended up 'plopping' pebbles into the sea to cool us down as we were hot and bothered. After we treated ourselves to pizza, chips, onion rings, doughnuts and candy floss, and needed winching back up the hill!)

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  1. says

    So nice the boy gets on with Burton, hope thy all enjoyed the party. I can't elite e how hot it is either. It's been scary seeing 26/27 on Daisy's monitor! The last pic is just adorable x

  2. says

    more clever takes on the prompts with some great photos. i love the picnic shot the boy looks happy to be eating al fresco and the last photo is gorgeous!!! i love how he has his hair a bit all ovet the place which is unusual to see and he looks so content. i alos like the fact that you ahve sht it in black and white which is a contrast to the weather we have been having x

  3. says

    I do love how you play on words using them as a guide not a straight jacket. I can also see how the window would give you great joy – nothing like the relief when you think there's going to be a huge bill and there isn't plus you get to enjoy the breeze! Bonus

  4. says

    love your take on the theme, yes it is far to hot even at night, where has all the snow gone??? Love the last tussled black and white picture, another great canvas in the making.

  5. says

    Thanks to you I have just ordered a giant picnic rug……my old one is falling apart. The last picture is stunning – what an impish expression and so cute!

  6. says

    I'm loving the way you are using the prompts, I was getting used to using them but so far not got one today and actually havent' taken a decent photo yet, and it's 9pm eek!

  7. says

    Great photos, love the framing on the 'through the window' shot and the boy's hair in the final shot is so funny. He seems to look more grown up by the week at the moment.

  8. says

    He looks so cheeky in that final photo and more and more grown up as the weeks go on.

    How are you finding the prompts?

    I like them as it's making me take photos I would never normally take or think of taking

  9. says

    Love the picnic shot- I have no idea why children enjoy eating outdoors so much but it definitely works as a treat! Especially love your Saturday photo- to get such a wonderful photo- it was worth it!!

  10. says

    Love that last shot of him and the one of him climbing the tree. I think your inspirational one is quite clever – love the neat handwriting, the different colours and getting a chance to take a pic at your plans for the summer (already feeling envious about Coombe Mill).

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