Cousins (Flashback Friday)

As The Boy nears his fourth birthday I've been reflecting on my little bundle and how he has grown. This was him in July 2009 meeting one of his cousins (my brother's daughter) for the first time; it was her first cuddle with him.

Fiery cousin & The Boy 1

It seems quite opportunistic to post this now, as my brother has just popped over for something and told me that she was mortified to discover that I had fuzzed out her face in the last batch of photos I'd put up of her. At the time I'd done it because I wanted to maintain her privacy and not assume I could post about her in an identifiable way. However, as she's now seven and a half years old (and has her own ideas about these things), I have permission to post away as she was proud to see herself mentioned.

So this post is for you, my little chick-a-dee!

Fiery cousin and The Boy 2

Here are the same cousins five weeks ago. This was the day she fiercely turned around to another child and declared that The Boy could stand where she told him to, "because he's my cousin!"

That's why I call her Fiery Cousin.

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  1. says

    i love the fact that she have her approval that you can show her face because she is 7!!! its is also lovely that your brother and his family read your blog and were chuffed for her to have made an appearance. she has such a wonderful head of hair – another reason for her being fiery?? bless her
    i think the boy and Fiery Cousin are friends for life judging by these pics of them and how lovely that she is so protective of him.
    thank you for linking up x x

  2. says

    This is lovely! She looks so proud holding your son for the first time. I think it's lovely when cousins get on so well and play together. My little girls cousins are all quite a bit older than her but her 9 yr old & 4 yr old cousin dote on her and play with her. Lovely post 🙂

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