Days 111-117 of Project 365

117-123 of 365

111. Too busy! (Today was a stay-at-home day and The Boy's cousins came over to play in the morning and stayed for lunch. We spent hours in the garden, them playing, mum supervising and us gardening. The day was so busy that I forgot to take any photos until the evening when we were playing a calming Orchard Toys game before bed.)

112. Bubble Jedi (At 9.05am The Boy requested we go in the garden. And because I wasn't at all awake (although I was dressed, I agreed. I know. We then proceeded to spend two and a half hours in the garden; me pegging out the washing and pottering about with titbits of gardening, him making up games, blowing bubbles and making dams in the water 'future' (feature). We only went in to decide on what to eat for lunch, which was enjoyed al fresco! I love Spring.)

113. #30 (After a very good day together; playing in the garden, making cakes and chilling out nicely, we had a gargantuam parenting fail/threenager situation in the evening. Basically, The Boy took ages to eat his dinner and we both got cross because we were waiting to take him to the park to feed the swans and have a run around before bed. After a temper tantrum from him when he had the audacity to say I was taking ages (!), I put my foot down and said he could feel the swans (I needed the fresh air) but would not be allowed to go to the park. Being a parent is tough sometimes!)

114. Bottoms Up! (A play in the garden after I'd finished school and The Boy has found a new use for the non-slidey slide; it's a part climbing frame and then head first down after the rolling hoops!)

115. Flying Boy (This is his new way of going on the swing, he likes the way it makes him feel like he's flying! We took mum down the beach for an ice-cream after school but she was feeling her age today and didn't want to go for a walk and so we nipped to the park instead.)

116.Β Back Again! (I know this is a very similar photograph to one I recently had up but there are subtle differences; mainly the lack of coat and a great deal more sunshine. We've come back to Butlin's for the Butlin's Ambassadors weekend with many of the other ambassadors. Keeping my fingers crossed for dry weather and sunshine.)

117. Even Higher! (That was what he called to the attendant on the bungee trampoline he tried out earlier today! He screamed that he didn't want to go on it, and then I couldn't get him off.)

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  1. says

    sometimes parenting is hard, but if you are firm when they are under 5 you really do make your life easier in the long run, Hope your having a good time, and love the joy on his face as he bounces up and down there. Did you find any new play equipment?

  2. says

    Looks like a fun week. Being the tough guy is hard isn't it? I always feel bad but I know that it makes a difference in the long run if you stick by what you say. Looks like he loves that bungee trampoline.

  3. says

    Looks like a lovely week, I love the flying boy picture, and used to do this when I was little on a swing, can remember now I have seen his picture!
    The bungee also looks great fun.

  4. says

    I love the bubble one and the flying one made me smile because that's what Rosie's started to do recently. She says she's flying like a bird πŸ™‚ lovely to see you earlier and hope to see you again on resort x

  5. says

    he did the bungee – well done to him! Burton didnt want to get off either.
    i really like the bubble shot and the one of him over looking the resort. i hope the weather is behaving itself this time *fingers crossed*
    and the wonky well shot made me smile x

  6. says

    Did wonder if I was looking at the wrong week for a minute with that Butlins picture up. Lots of lovely outdoor pictures – it's lovely to have better weather for getting out and about. The bubble shot is great with such concentration on his face and I love the feet disappearing down the slide too.

  7. says

    I always love looking at your pictures every week. They all tell a story really well and are, of course, excellent quality too. And yes, sometimes being a parent is very hard indeed

  8. says

    Gorgeous photos as usual. I love the trampolining shot, it looks like The Boy is turning into a real little daredevil! My favourite is the Helter Skelter shot, it radiates excitement and happiness somehow, you can really tell that Butlins makes him very happy.

  9. says

    Late! But in by the skin of my teeth πŸ™‚
    Loely to see you at Butlins and ADORE your photo of Boy on the balcony

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