Through The Hole (Flashback)

I love bringing my son up in the town which I grew up in. Every experience he has is imprinted with the memories of my siblings, friends and I doing exactly the same thing, echoing the past, mirroring my actions, with a twenty or thirty year gap.

Our town has many parks, indeed it's known for it, and one of those parks has a plethora of play opportunities. Huge sweeping fir trees with gargantuan hiding spaces close to the tree trunk, woodland dells, Victorian pathways, aviaries with tweeting canaries, and overrun hedges.

In the small playground area, there is a hedge. It's an ancient hedge riddled with pathways which have been explored by children for generations.

And, as these photos of The Boy show from this Spring and the past two, it's a favourite with the next generation as well.

Through The Hole

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    i love how this highlights how big he has become over the last three years! it reminds me a little of Alice In Wonderland and how in each photo he is growing bigger as she does after eating the treat. i can imagine how wonderful it is to see your own son enjoy the simple pleasures that you did as a child.
    thank you for linking up (I will sort my badge out for next week)

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    That looks almost like a little magic hole! Sounds very special to bring your little one up where you grew up and I guess you get very nostalgic too. Unfortunately all my old playgrounds are now brand new buildings 🙁

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    We had a tree / bush like that where I grew up. I loved going in and walking around inside. I'm sure its still there, but we've moved away, I wish I could show my kids that tree

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    These are great pics…but what is through the hole? Does it lead anywhere? This reminds me of climbing through holes in the hedge to explore the neighbours' gardens when I was little! Good job they never minded 🙂

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    I'm exactly the same as you. Love taking my toddler to all the places that I played as a child. Not always easy as we live in a completely different country but I love seeing the look on his face and wondering was mine the same at that time too.

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    Gorgeous photos, it's so lovely to see how he has grown but that he is still enjoying playing there. I'm bringing up children in my hometown too and I love rediscovering my old haunts through their eyes.

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    Wow I know exactly where that hole in the hedge is 🙂
    It's a great little park, one of our faves when we are in that area 🙂

    Laura x

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