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We're well into the pattern of getting our minimum of 15 minutes of outdoor play a day now, striding past week two and entering week three. It's been significantly helped by the fact that the past week has been half-term and so I didn't have the stumbling block of my work days getting in the way and effecting our fun and games.

The beach is a top, and easy, venue for us as there aren't enough hours in the day to explore every pebble there, but for a bit of variety we've been going to the parks as well. Turns out my council is a bit unimaginative when it comes to playgrounds in parks and we're bored of them already; there seems to be a set template of poxy climbing frame, baby and junior swing, one slide and a wobbly roundabout. A far cry from the treasures I see other people visiting!

However, we have enjoyed the one decent one in our town which is just around the corner from where I grew up and as such is one I frequented a lot as a child.

country kids park explorer 2

I used to climb that tree as a child, so proud of him for learning how to do it too! I'm sure it used to be bigger though?

We've also been to Victoria Park in Cardiff, which is a brilliant park with plenty of money thrown at it; different authorities have different priorities I guess? In the Summer, the paddling/swimming pool is packed with children splashing each other and shrieking with laughter. Winter turns the pool into a curiosity for young children. The Boy managed to find himself a friend in the shape of four year old Phoebe who took his hand and guided him around the playground.

country kids park explorer

Today we've been down the beach front (again) on The Boy's bike and I have had to tell Mr. TBaM to stop wrapping him up in cotton wool; he's more capable on his bike than his father gave him credit for! If we can just get him to keep his speed up then those stabilisers will be off in no time!

country kids

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  1. jenny paulin says

    its great that you have visited some different parks and i love how one is from when you were as child! I will never have that with my two unless i make the long drive back to Newbury! That tree looks like a fun climb too. and go the boy on his bike it wont be long until he is racing along stabiliser free 🙂 🙂 x

  2. says

    I love the way the tree has shrunk since you were a child! That is something my eldest are just discovering now when they return to places after a year or so, they are shooting up so fast everything takes on a different perspective to them! The triplets have been enjoying one of those sick making saucer things this afternoon at the Park in Sussex on our holidays. I feel ill just to look at it but they assure me it is fun! Congratulations on entering week 3 of 15 minutes a day outdoors. I hope the sunny weather continues too, might not bother the kids but much nicer for us adults!

  3. says

    Sounds like really good fun! I love that you are able to stick to the philosophy of getting out. I would love to get my wee man to the beach here but they are not that close to us…think we are going to have to make a day of it as the weather gets better!

  4. says

    That looks like a great park & it's good to have it near enough to enjoy. It's lovely that your little man gets to explore in the same places as you did. Thanks so much for adding this to the linky & all your support.

  5. says

    Our local play park was given a revamp recently and it's SO disappointing. Apparently they spent a fortune – not sure what on!
    Wonderful tree, how lovely it must be to see your son climbing it when you have such strong memories of doing the same thing. Great pictures of your daily outings. Love your Silent Sunday photo too – the way it disappears into nothing.

  6. Alan says

    Nothing like a park with plenty of variety to make a kid's day. I miss climbing trees and I'm certain the ones I scale were much bigger in my mind than in reality, too!

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