The Gallery: Streetlife

I've posted before about the day that The Boy and I discovered the wonderful world around us when we went into Cardiff on the train, so I didn't want to use those photos again for this week's gallery theme of 'Street Photography'. However, when I was writing up a review earlier I came across a photo that I feels fits the theme really well at the moment.

This photograph was taken when we were in London for the Britmums Live blogging conference, right slap bang in between the start of the Diamond Jubilee celebrations and the upcoming Olympic games.

I feel it kind of sums up Britain at the moment, what do you think?

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  1. says

    its a great it really sums up the mood of the country this year. i also love how the blue and white of the flag matches the blue sky with the white clouds, and also how the rectangular shape of the bunting replicates the rectangular windows – fab x

  2. says

    Definitely Britain knows how to celebrate!!Love the photo and all it brings i=with it, the expectation and excitement of the things to be!

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