366 #26

Half way!

We have all managed to get half way through the project now: 183 days, 26 weeks, 6 months, half a year. Well done us!

To celebrate the mammoth accomplishment so far, I'm bringing you another competition, this time courtesy of Hello Canvas.

photo canvas

Hello Canvas is an incredibly popular photo canvas site, one of the largest in Britain, and offers the ever popular facility of printing your photographs onto canvas using UV-protected inks (so it doesn't fade through sunlight exposure). One of the differences that I've noticed with this company though, is that they are able to produce canvasses from either digital or analogue photographs. Therefore if you have an old print of grandparents or parents as children for example, they can scan the original analogue photo for you, print it onto the canvas and return both to you. Nifty hey? They also offer a range of effects to enhance your photos, many of which are free. With prices from as little as £13 for an 8x8inch canvas, I think they are an incredibly reasonable option.

When I was asked if I'd like to review for them, I realised that I have nowhere else to put another canvas and so asked if they'd like to donate the canvas as a competition prize. So here you are! (If you'd like to see a review of their canvasses, see here or here)

You can win a 20×28 inch photo canvas (worth £39) by completing the Rafflecopter form below the normal linky.

Don't forget to add the badge and comment on a handful of other posts, this linky only happens because of each other's support!

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  1. Mum2Four says

    My favourite thing about doing the 366 is being able to look back & see the changes in my children – I also love looking at other people's pictures!

  2. Johnson Babies says

    Capturing the 'mundane' moments which mean I can see my little people growing up rather than relying on my *rapidly becoming rubbish* memory!

  3. says

    My favourite thing about the doing the 366 project is all the memories I'm making for my children. It's going to be so lovely for them when they're older to ba able to look back at a whole year of photo memories 🙂

  4. says

    I like that it's making me take a photo of everything, no matter how small. Sometimes it's easy to get caught up in what's going on and you forget to actually take a picture, or maybe it doesn't seem important but then you think back and wish you'd taken a snap. Now I tend to stop thinking about it and just keep on taking those photo's!

  5. says

    My favourite thing is that it has made me take more photos generally and I think more now about composition than I used to so I think I take more photos

  6. Jennypaulin says

    Keeping a daily record of mine and the boys lives. It's also been good doingit with others from the blogging world as it adds to the sense of community that we all share

  7. says

    My favourite thing about 366 is capturing the memories, already when I look back a few months I see things I had forgotten about. I'd like to think it will improve my photography skills, but as yet it hasn't! Thanks for giving us somewhere to show-off!

  8. Paula Fazekas says

    Love capturing different pictures of the kids growing up over the year whilst capturing some amazing memories

  9. says

    My favourite thing about doing the project is looking back at posts and seeing how much the children have changed over the last few months. I'll be printing each post out and making a folder for the children to look at in years to come.

  10. Mum2BabyInsomniac says

    My favourite thing is watching how much Iyla is changing. You don't realise until you look back at photos how much they have grown!

  11. Michelle says

    My favourite thing about project 366 is that its like keeping a photographic diary of our daily lives, I can remember all the things we've done & watch my boys daily growth!x

  12. says

    I love doing the 366 and looking back over the weeks and months at how the children have changed and how busy we have been. Can't believe we are half way through and I am still going strong. The canvas is a great prize for the half way make. Good Luck everyone x

  13. Gem says

    I love doing the project 366 as it helps me not only chart my year in photos but encourages me to get out there and do stuff!!

  14. says

    i adore taking a picture everyday as looking back and seeing what has happened so far this year is pretty spectacular and we are only half way!

  15. says

    I love doing my 366 project because it makes me look for something special in every day and capture it forever in a picture – even on the most miserable days.

  16. says

    for me it is a) the memories I am building to look back on ( as with the pic I have linked up today) and
    b) the advancements my photography skills have made, the way it makes me see things differently, look around me and take note of things I never did before and the weird themes I take pictures of ( like my hubcap picture for day 178 http://fun-as-a-gran.blogspot.co.uk/2012/06/project-366-178366.html)
    and c) seeing into other peoples lives, families and joyful moments

  17. says

    I like keeping a record of everyday activities rather than only the special ones. would love to take better photos but just haven't the time so quick snaps will do!

  18. says

    I love the fact that the 366 Project has inspired me to keep a wonderful record of my family's life this year, in particular, my son's. Looking back over the past 183 days I can see all the changes in Ben, how he is growing up before my eyes, so gradually, it almost goes unnoticed. That is, until I take the time to go back and revisit the photos from when I began the 366 Project. Then I see how much shorter his hair was, how much taller he now is not to mention the confidence he seems to have acquired over the last few months when it comes to physical activities such as running, climbing and ninja training in the garden.. The 366 Project is a very special thing to be taking part in and I am very glad I decided to join in this year.

  19. says

    I can't wait to be able to look back over the year and see how much the girls have grown and changed. I old to have the focus on taking photos all week. It means I take pictures of inks because they are interesting and I think my photography is improving a bit and I'm getting a bit more adventurous.