366 #20


That's how many days we've been doing this now. Well done to every single person who's still managing to snap away every single day, and especially to those who are still posting every day.

If it helps? This week I've struggled, and I need to find myself a theme for this forthcoming week because it's difficult to keep taking the same old ones. Maybe I need to get out more often, maybe I need to try another 'From Where I Stand' or possibly even 'Lie'? I'll think on it, but I need freshening up. Don't be afraid to set yourself a theme to keep going on this amazing project.

The Facebook 366 group is over here if you'd like to join our little support community.

Please remember to try and comment on a handful of other 366ers photos, it helps to boost morale.

Oh, and next week I've got another competition for you all!

ShowOff ShowCase

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  1. says

    I'm gutted I couldn't continue, but by the time I was back taking photos (every day) I would have have to post a lot to catch up again.

    Never mind, it's still good to see all those still hard at it. Hope that you all del inspired to carry on.

    Well done


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