Tuesday 1st May 2012 – 'Contentment' (122/366)

I had it all sorted for today's 366. When the rain halted briefly at 11.30 this morning, I sent The Boy out onto the patio to splash around in the giant puddle that had accumulated. I took some fabulous shots on my dSLR of the water droplets flying up everywhere and I knew that my 366 would be one of those.

Then it turned out that the rain didn't start up again, and by 2pm the sun was blazing down turning all the water droplets on the plants into diamonds and helping the giant puddle to evaporate. By the time Mr. TBaM came in, it was glorious and the first bit of sunshine we'd had in well over a week and a half. I sent the boys outside to play while I prepared tea, watched them having fun and smiled to myself. I'd waited for this time of year to reappear for so many months and even if it only here for today, we were going to enjoy it. We ate our tea on the patio: me on the backstep, The Boy at his picnic table and Mr. TBaM sitting on the only dry grown-up seat. Both of them were splashing their welly-booted feet in the now rapidly-drying giant puddle.

If it rains again tomorrow and for the rest of the week, I can cope because we've had a glimpse of Summer.

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  1. Paula Fazekas says

    What a gorgeous picture! I want to come play in your garden as it looks like a lot of fun in the sunshine 🙂

  2. Jenny Paulin says

    Your garden is amazing!! It was really warm today and we ventured outside too looking at signs of spring 🙂

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      Thank you, lots of hard work to get it like that. Did The Boy's enjoy it?

      • Jenny Paulin says

        Yes they did , well Burtn more as he wasn't stuck in the buggy the whole time!

  3. says

    What a difference a bit of sunshine can make! I drove home in awe at the sight of the cotton wool clouds, so glad they'd replaced the blanket of grey from the past ten days or so 🙂

  4. says

    Lucky you! We'd had awful weather again today! Glad he got out to play, it does them the world of good :O)

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      He was so very happy playing outside. He sat there eating his tea and looked at me and said, "It's lovely weather mummy isn't it?"

  5. Mum2Four says

    Do you live in an adventure playground? I love it when the kids can play outside as I believe fresh air is so important for them.