366 #11

I can't quite believe that we're rounding up week eleven here and about to launch into week twelve; it seems to be going so quickly. This, last year, was the point for me when I considered giving up. Now it's just part of my daily routine and I can think of far worse things to have built in on my list of 'to-dos'.

Anyone taking part is welcome to join the Project 366 Facebook group. The fabulous community building up there offer support to those taking part in this photography project, and give much blog love. We've made it a closed group so that not every Tom, Dick or Harry can see the content but if you'd like to join just click the 'ask to join group' button in the top right hand corner of the page.

  1. Choose your favourite photo from the past week and link it up below.
  2. Please add the badge to your linked-up post so that other people know how to find all the other fabulous entries.
  3. If you can spare five minutes to comment on just a few other entries I know they'd appreciate it!
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