Learning Through Play: Colours

Last Friday the theme on #MarchPhotoADay on Instagram was 'red'. I debated his red jumper, a red flower in the garden, blah, blah, blah. All very boring. Then it struck me when I was tidying up the threading and beading we'd been doing. I picked up the red lace and the red cotton reel and had a moment of inspiration.

I took the lace into the living room where The Boy was playing, put it down in a circle and asked him if he could find me anything red. He looked around the room and found one or two things, but needed a little help to see anything that wasn't shouting out to him. Then given a little more prompting he found a plethora of things, including my toes and his! I lined up the iPod ready to take a snap and he stopped me as he wanted his VTech to take one too.

Hopefully, it's obvious which one is whose!

He then ran off to find another coloured lace and we spent the next thirty minutes sorting things into colours.

He had loads of fun and I can't recommend it highly enough as an activity. It's excellent for pre-mathematical development; identifying colours and sorting accordingly so.

Have fun!

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    What a fab idea…just trying to teach Middling his colours with not much joy…think he likes saying 'lellow' so that's always his answer…def going to try this game!


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