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I like Kate a lot. I think she's a little bit bananas and that's something I like in a mum and blogger. Sometimes her Listography themes are a little out there, but generally they work for me. My only problem is that I don't always have time to post before she shuts the linky. This week though, she's excelled herself:


By anyone's benchmark, that's a little bizarre. However, as I read her post and scoffed to myself, I found myself visualising my favourite mugs in the cupboard and realising that she's right: I have favourite mugs that I used for specific things. And so, because I haven't done it in a while, I'm joining in with the Listography, but I will have you know that I consider this as ludicrous as when I posted a photo of the inside of my fridge.

Bought for me by my dad when I started teaching. To me, this is the only time he has ever indicated that he is proud of the job that I do. This is used for my cold coffees, normally in the afternoon when I need an extra strong and cold frappucino. I was furious with my husband when he chipped it.

Also an excellent mug for cold coffees, especially if I'm putting whipped cream and caramel drizzle on the top. Given to me by an ex-pupil, I was cross when Mr. TheBoyandMe chipped this one too!

My sister gave me this, nearly twenty years ago, so heaven help Mr. TBaM if he chips this one! Excellent for cold milk first thing in the morning.

Quite frankly, he chips this one, then he can move out now! Handwash only due to the gold edging, this was a present from the private school I went to, on their big 110 year anniversary.

This is the original twitter mug, anyone else who has made one since is merely in NameArt's shadow. I love my twitter addict mug, had it for a year but can't use it very often as I don't want my family to know my twitter name!

Now pop over to see the other entries:


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  1. Msissa says

    This post made me laugh a lot 😀 in a good way! Love the shape of the mug your Dad gave you, and the story behind it.

  2. says

    ha ha poor mr boy and me he is a tad mug clumsy isn't he? those comments made me giggle! i am now fancying a caramel sauce and cream topped coffee now btw . lovely set of mugs you have there each with their own story x

  3. says

    Crikey – I bet your OH is trembling in fear and begging to drink out of a plastic mug now ;o)

    Also I totally misread the top of your post and thought you'd taken a picture of yourself inside your fridge. There's a challenge for 366!!

    Excellent set of mugs there.

  4. says

    I like the stripy one the best. You e hit a really nice collection there. I have been thinking this week that my mugs are shite! I need more!!! This is what blogging has done to me 🙂 (but seriously, I need more!)

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