One of the major parts of my blog for the past year has been my 365 project; a photo a day, every day, for the entire year. I've found it rewarding, frustrating, fun, sad, exciting and nostalgic in equal measures. But I've managed it by bedtime every day.

Project 365 is not unique to my blog, there are people taking part all over the world. You only have to search on the hash tag on twitter to see the tweets in varying languages advertising their photographic gem, to realise that.

There were times I didn't think I'd finish it. The middle of February was difficult as I felt that I was producing similar shots or had run out of material. It didn't help that the weather was foul and so we were confined to photography indoors. Once spring started it was easier. I wish I'd had someone to hold my hand and say "come on, you can do this!"

And this is where this weekly linky comes in. Starting next Sunday (8th January), I will open a linky for the day so that anyone taking part in project 366 can link up their favourite photo taken during the course of the previous week.

Hopefully through running this linky people will find support for their photography and their posts, some comment love (trust me, not many daily photos get comments) and some inspiration. You might get to know some new blogs and friends along the way, and find the support to keep going to complete this rewarding task.

The changes in your children (or other subjects) throughout the year are immense, and it is only when you look back through the year's photos that you'll realise how much your little one, and photography, has progressed.

Pop back next Sunday 8th January and link up your favourite 366 photos from this forthcoming week. There's even a funky little badge.

ShowOff ShowCase

Hope to see you in a week!

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    Now that's a great idea! I shall be popping back because my 366 is not on my blog so it will be great for getting more visitors. It's also wonderful to meet new bloggers too! Thanks for setting this up!

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    love his hat, and trying to decide whether to join in this or not – am I imaginative and inspirational enough? But have won a new camera and maybe give me a chance and a reason to use it and to get to know its capabilities and mine as well…

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    Oh that's brilliant I've missed a weekly linky for me to post photies to.
    I was chatting to HonieDaddy earlier about doing 366 & he is going to try too! I imagine it's difficult, although I takes buckets of photos – committing to one each and every day (and posting it) is a huge commitment. Thankfully Instagram will be helping me some of the way.

    I like the linky – I must get a linky (any tips on which is best to use) would be appreciated 😮

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