The Gallery: Christmas of Yesteryear

Due to the fact that it's a rather festive time of the year, Tara has got all Christmassy:

So, in keeping with the time of year and all that, this week's theme is: Christmas of Yesteryear.

This is a chance for you to dig into your dusty old albums and air those embarrassing old photos!
It can be last Christmas, one from your childhood, one before children, one from your mum's childhood even.

I knew the picture to use straight away.

Flashback 32 years and this photograph was taken at my second Christmas. Like my dress and socks? Can you tell I was a child of the '70s?

In my childhood home, we had a landing halfway up the stairs which over the years served many purposes. At one point, it was even my elder sister's bedroom when she was a young girl, and the house was still in flats. After this it housed a cupboard with a mirror-tiled wall behind it. This was the natural place for our Christmas tree every year because the fairy lights twinkled off the mirror and it looked completely magical.

I was captivated with it from the first time I saw it, and then as I grew up I would sit on the stairs and stare at it for hours over the Christmas period. Losing myself in the lights and the ornaments, my imagination would run riot and I'd create different worlds.

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  1. Jenny Paulin says

    You look the same now just different clothes lol
    Great flashback – its funny what sticks out in our minds isn't it? Xx

  2. Alli Marshall says

    You certainly were a child of the 70's – what was it with the short skirts for young children?

    There is no wonder you were captivated by that tree – it is amazing!!!!

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