Sunday 18th December 2011

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  1. circusmum says

    wow all this does is remind me how much I have left to do! I can't keep pressies hidden behind sofas forever *sigh*

    Merry Christmas!!!

  2. jenny paulin says

    i did most of mine last night – bit early for me as i usually leave it til night before xmas eve but at least its one job almost done x

  3. says

    I spotted that Bailey's and thought "glass far too small".

    I do mine on Christmas Eve night usually (till about 4am). We say every year that we'll get it done sooner but never manage too.

    We are on a Christmas Dinner on Christmas Eve year (H'Boo & O'Pops at other parents after 12 noon on the day), so it will be Friday night we're up till the small hours – I SHALL have a large glass of Glayva (bought it today) next to my sellotape and wrapping paper 😮

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