The Floristry Commission

I was arranging the beautiful bouquet of wedding anniversary flowers from Mr. TheBoyandMe last week when my mind started to wander. This is not unusual with me, I am incapable of staying focused on one thing since having The Boy, and usually I'll contemplate anything from what we're having for dinner, to the fact that the grass needs cutting, via how many children does Jim Branning exactly have?

This time though I had a little thought about my top jobs. The jobs that I'd like to do if I wasn't a teacher, an ever more enticing thought these days! I've blogged about these thoughts before, listing traffic warden (watch out!) and baby-friendly coffee-shop owner as top choices. I'd forgotten about wanting to be a florist.

My paternal grandfather (known as Bampi) was a horticulturalist. I use that term because he was a gardener, but also spent some time working in a florist's making beautiful bouquets for loving wives like me. I like to think I've inherited his green thumb as I'm quite good at making things grow (especially weeds) but am fairly nifty at creating bouquets and arranging them.

In my florist's shop we would have huge buckets of flowers creating a carpet of flowers which would be creeping up the walls. Of course I'd have climbing pot plants all over the place; picture a Victorian style conservatory with wrought-iron display units interwoven with ivy, jasmine and bougainvillea. Rolls and rolls of satin ribbon in every shade under the sun, and a kaleidoscope of coloured cellophane to rival the biggest ebay shop!

Of course, I would be able to implement another top preferred career of professional gift-wrapper with my huge selection of gifts for her and him. Those little extras that require the attentions of the swirliest ribbons, neatest corners and shiniest paper.

What extras could I sell for the perfect birthday gift? What would you sell?

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    Your shop sounds lovely, I'd definitely shop there. Much better than my local florist anyway who thinks a few bunches of Chrysanthemums and Carnations represents a good selection and looks at you like you are speaking Dutch if you ask for something a bit exotic… like Gerbera!

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    I know, where the flip did Derek Branning come from? Anyway.. Back to your post, your sounds lovely. I'd love to have the skills they have and have been tempted a few times to do flower arranging. (as well as cake decorating and other such pretty things!).

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