Walking With Purpose

Earlier this year, a Facebook 'friend' walked across from the Welsh borders to London to deliver a petition to Downing Street and raising money on behalf of Help for Heroes. He walked from Gloucester to London!

As an ex-military man and currently a paramedic, it was an action which was close to his heart and meant a great deal to him. I sponsored him without a second thought and kept a close eye on his progress, and I felt a great relief and pride when he made it.

However, he was incredibly lucky because he came home from active service without a scratch on him. Many servicemen and women aren't so lucky. And it is these people who are the focus of the Help for Heroes campaign. The people who have lost limbs, suffered injuries we can't even begin to imagine and choose to focus on helping others.

Like Jonathon, who sustained a gunshot wound to his spine while serving in Iraq. Jonathan is going to be doing something quite amazing with the help of his dad. He is attempting the 17,590 feet trek to Everest Base Camp. Watch the video and check out his expedition. Then afterwards, why not pop over and donate? I have.

This is a sponsored post, part of which is being used to sponsor Jonathan on his expedition.

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