The Tent of Imagination

When I was a tiddler I used to love making dens, and I was incredibly lucky because our house and bedrooms were big enough that my mum would keep them up for a day or so. I even used to make dens with the sheets on the whirly-gig washing line! Ever since I've had The Boy I have been looking forward to making dens for him, but he didn't particularly appreciate them at five weeks old for some strange reason. I've tried various times since, but not in the last few months.

Therefore when a 'ready-made' den arrived for him, I was hoping that he'd love it as much as I already did!

I didn't need to worry! He knew instantly that it was a tent, and loved the fact that it was a wigwam.

Standing at just over 6 feet tall and with a base diameter of approximately 4 feet, the wigwam is a good sized tent to have in the corner of your dining room during these cold months. If The Boy had a bigger bedroom, it would be up there for him as a hiding place, I can see it making a great reading corner in the future.

There are six wooden poles (each is in two parts and joins in the middle with a plastic tube to strengthen them) which slide through elastic loops along each join in the wigwam with a deep pocket for them to slot into at the base. They then protrude through the hole at the top of the thick canvas and are joined together with an incredibly clever, but slightly tricky, lacing and beading technique, ensuring the correct shape for the wigwam.

The canvas is simply stunning. A really thick, good quality canvas with bright colours which aren't brash, and the simplistic animal designs are spot on for little ones. It's bright and attractive and, when the Spring has returned, will look beautiful in the garden! I'm quite impressed with the 'doors' on this, the design has been adapted so that it now uses three Velcro patches to hold them closed, as opposed to the original fabric ties (something which would have been too difficult for pre-schoolers).

The Boy adores his wigwam and has taken his cushion, cuddly toys and a few books in there to get some peace and quiet. It is most definitely his domain, although he lets Mr. TheBoyandMe or me come in sometimes.

I loved wendy houses as a child and I'd thoroughly recommend a wigwam for your pre-schoolers, it's great fun for development of the imagination!

Big Game Hunters have a variety of wigwams available, the one we were sent retails for £49.99, which is the cheapest price that I've seen it available.

I was provided with this wigwam for the purpose of this review. Our opinions are honest and unbiased.

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  1. says

    I love it! and it is a very good price too…
    I made a den for Jack at the weekend but as it was out of a chocolate fleece blanket it was so dark he wouldn't go in! I'd used pegs & everything too!!

  2. Mum2Four says

    I used to love making dens when I was younger – we used to use the clothes maiden & blankets!

    If we had been really good Mum would let us have our dinner in our new home 🙂

  3. says

    My mum made one of these, for her back garden, for my two, last year.
    I have the fabric (LOTS of it) to make one for our own garden, but I think it will end up back at my mums before it finally makes it to our garden.
    I must get pics up of it.
    Wigwams are Fab!
    Mind you, this one is really quite reasonably priced, for what you are getting.

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