No, this is not a post about how The Boy won't eat his greens; far from it in fact!

We received a lovely orange box the other day wrapped in a hand-tied bow. Inside was a lovely selection of fruit and vegetables and a note from Innocent asking us if we could create a veggie-monster. The Boy had a good old look at the selection inside and was very intrigued with the kiwi! Wouldn't try it though!

Using the toothpicks which they provided, and spelling out the name with the special innocent glow-in-the-dark magnets (a full set; I almost jumped for joy!), we came up with this lovely lady:

Her name is Ms. Hel O Wyn and she was rather pleased to be visiting our house for the day!

However, she's now sat in a pot on the stove making a stew for tea tonight.

Innocent have a rather fabulous campaign on at the moment to celebrate Halloween and their new glow in the dark magnets. They want children across the land to get creating their very own weird and wonderful fruity freak or veg monster. It's very simple, just do the following:

  1. Cut, carve and create your fruity freak or vegetable monster from the weirdest looking fruit or veg you can find.
  2. Give it a name and spell it out in innocent magnets (how about 'Terry Able' or 'Aaaaaaaaaalan'.)
  3. Then take a picture of your spooky creation, post it in their scary halloween flickr gallery.
  4. When you've done that, email them ( with your flickr name and a postal address (important so we know which picture is yours, in case you're one of the first thousand people).
  5. The first 1,000 entries win a very special set of limited edition halloween 0-9 number magnets which ALL glow in the dark (the perfect addition to your alphabet ones)

The competition runs until 7th November 2011.

And because we love food and hate waste, afterwards, why not use any leftover veg to make a stew like us?

We were sent a box of fruit & vegetables (& magnets, hurrah!) to take part in this campaign and help spread the word.

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