Friday Funny

Mr. TheBoyandMe and The Boy have just been playing hide and seek. This is without a shadow of a doubt, The Boy's most favourite game, and he plays it daily with Daddy until he's exhausted (Daddy, not The Boy).

"You go and hide Daddy! No I will hide, you count!"

<Daddy counts, The Boy hides>

"I'm coming, ready or not! Where are you The Boy? Are you in the dining room?"

"No Daddy, I'm in the kitchen room!"

Earlier today we were driving home along the plush and swanky streets of the Victorian town in which we live. The Boy has a habit of pointing out similiar cars to mine and saying "that's a little like your car mummy". Often it is, often it is nothing like it. He's getting very good at recognising Renaults (I have a Scenic).

He randomly came out with, "That's a little bit like Nana's house!" pointing to a four-storey Victorian semi-detached.

I replied, "No, it's nothing like Nana's house."

My mother, like we do, lives in a three-bedroom ex-council semi-detached. He repeated it most insistantly and so did I. In the end I said (as I often do in a similar way to his father) "In so much as it has four walls and a roof, yes I suppose it is. But not really".

He replied, "It is mummy!"

So then I gave in and asked, "How is it like Nana's house?"

"It's got a door!"

Friday Funny

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  1. says

    Everything makes sense to the little ones in one way or another, doesn't it? When V crawls in a direction he knows he shouldn't, he turns his whole head sideways and doesn't make eye contact with anyone. That way he thinks no one can see him! (This has resulted in banging his head on various items of furniture!)
    Glad The Boy got his point across to you 😀

  2. says

    Oh Mummy your so silly of course it has a door! he he!

    Noah plays hide and seek just like that and also he will hide in the same place again and again if he thinks he has found a good one, and if he is counting, he tells you where to hide! 🙂

  3. @SAHDandproud says

    Love it! T loves Hide & Seek too. Such a fun way to while away an hour. Although me hiding in the utility room spoils it for him.
    Love the house story! 🙂 A great post. As always.

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