More On Monday: Rainbow Pizza

Yesterday I posted this as my Silent Sunday, and I had many people asking what The Boy was making so I thought I'd share with you.

Aware that the cooking experiences that he'd had so far had revolved around cake, I decided we'd make pizza together. A relatively simple main meal to involve your child in, and promoting healthy eating along with encouraging to eat his tea. I won't lie, it wasn't without stress. I am never making pizza dough ever again. Next time, I shall buy a ready-made base from the place where 'every little helps'. Because they're not wrong, it would have helped a lot!

Oh, and the Silent Snday picture was of him sprinkling on parmesan cheese.

He needed a little help with the tomato puree because he hasn't quite got the concept of him spreading with the back of a spoon, what with him being two and all that. However, the rest of it, he did himself with me just pointing at blank spaces to put a topping on. It turned out to be quite a quite a large pizza for him and so he only had a quarter of it, but he wolfed it down.

Just goes to show how tasty home-cooked food can be, doesn't it?

I'm linking this up to The Crazy Kitchen's 'Cooking with your Toddler' linky and the 'Recipe Shed' over on Reluctant Housedad

The Crazy Kitchen

Recipe Shed

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    • TheBoyAndMe says

      Thank you! I suspect that I didn't leave it long enough before using it. It was one of the most traumatic things I've made, and that was before The Boy even got to grips with it! I've bookmarked your page.

  1. mammywoo says

    Love it!i'm looking forward to addy being old enough to do this kind of thing. You really are an amazing mummy, now give me a bite!

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