More On Monday: Muddy Puddles

Traditionally, I've used the 'More on Monday' blog-title to explain my Silent Sunday. However, today I'm using it because I had difficulty choosing a picture for my Silent Sunday and therefore I want to share the other photographs.

On Saturday we went to a local country park with lakes and woodland. We went equipped with The Boy's special George muddy puddles wellies and my camera. The Boy, and the mud, did not disappoint. I have decided that I love this time of year with an infant: it's a whole new world to explore of treasures from the trees, sounds echoing around the woodland with a little red nose from the bite in the air.

Autumn is way more exciting than Summer!

This is the photograph that Mr. TheBoyandMe wanted me to use as my Silent Sunday.

After we'd finished jumping in muddy puddles (he was saturated, I need to look out the waterproof all-in-one suit), we went and explored the wooded areas, including a rather fabulous looking tree-trunk.

And then daddy and The Boy pretended to be aeroplanes.

I seriously love this photo because of the way that The Boy is looking at his daddy, sheer adoration.

I am linking this up to CoombeMill's Country Kids linky

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Farm Holidays Cornwall

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      • says

        Day Zero is a list of 101 things you want to do in 1001 days – I've doing one too, got a section on my blog.

        @Love in the nest – a great thing to have on the list!

        My boy's never been in puddles, must do it when it rains again!

  1. mum2babyinsomniac says

    They are fab photos! No wonder you couldn't choose one – I love the 1st and the last and the one where is jumping and you have caught him mid air. Amazing! x

  2. says

    It sounds silly but as Mad's grows up these are the little things that I can't wait to do- I have such fond memories of doing the same things with my dad. Gorgeous photos of The Boy as always and I also love the one at bottom- you can't beat a father/son bond! x

  3. tinuke says

    Aww another Pepper Pig fan! My daughter looks dissapointed if I pick her up from childcare and there are no muddy puddles in which to jump!
    Lovely pics, I agree Autumn rocks!

  4. jenny paulin says

    awww these are lovely aren't they 🙂 no wonder you had difficulty selecting one photo for silent sunday. you have shown them off fabulously x

  5. says

    I love these photos so much! I can't wait until my son (18 months) is a little bit older and we can do stuff like this. I'm so excited about the next few months ahead!

  6. says

    What a lovely post and photos too. What happy family moments. How lucky the Boy is to be growing up with two such loving parents who are helping him expand his mind, and body, through play!

    It just makes me sad to think of all those children out there who don't live in such a loving and happy environment who don't, and never will, have the opportunities that The Boy has. Sorry to add a negative note. Maybe a little melancholy today!

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