Competition: Meccano Build and Play

Both my husband and I are fortunate enough that our mums saved our most favourite and timeless toys, which are currently residing in boxes in the attic. For hubby it was because his mother passed over the decision about what he wanted to get rid of or keep, from my mum it was because she wanted me to be able to pass them on to my children to play with.

Hmm, do you think The Boy will want daddy's Meccano or mummy's Flower Fairies?

The Boy's daddy is looking forward to the age when he is old enough to play with Meccano (so am I secretly, because I was always more of a tomboy) but that day is stil a year or two off in all honesty. Meccano do a fabulous range of 5+ Meccano including Build and Play, Construction and Rescue Team, and offered to send a set out to me for review. I was only too happy to accept as I have a five year old nephew who loves making things but hasn't encountered Meccano yet.

Boy Cousin was extremely excited to get started and we sat down together to make one of the two possible models in the Mini Build & Play Case (Green Vehicle). The instructions were good with a very clear diagram for each step showing which parts were needed for each stage. Boy Cousin did need a little bit of guidance to understand the instructions, but this was the first time he'd done something like this before. He really enjoyed using the screwdriver and once he'd got going on assembling the vehicle, all he needed me for was holding the parts in place while he tightened them up.

As you can see, he adored the green vehicle that he made and kept hugging the box. Boy Cousin then proceeded to take it all apart, put it back in the box, take it out and start to make his own model from his own imagination. Who needs instructions anyway!


I have a Mini Build & Play Case (Blue Vehicle) to give away to one lucky reader. In order to be in with a chance of winning this, please do the following:

  • Tweet the message:

I want to win a @Meccano_UK set

  • Tell me why you think Meccano is such a good toy in the comments box below.


Competition closes on Sunday 3rd July 2011 at 8pm. I will draw the winner at random and contact them that evening. The winner will need to reply within 48 hours or I will redraw the competition.



Using I have drawn a winner:

Congratulations to Jennifer Stokes!

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  1. says

    I love meccano as it requires no batteries & can be passed down from generation to generation… mum informed me yesterday she still has my brothers meccano in the loft from over 30 years ago.
    Please enter me, ta very muchly!
    have tweeted

  2. Kirsty Fox says

    I have tweeted

    I think Meccano is a great toy because I like the fact that it is something to make and build and is great for hand eye co-ordination, plus it's great because it means the kids are away from the tv!

  3. Ashleigh says

    i have tweeted as @ashlallan

    i think its a great toy because it helps children be creative and also they can play it individually or together

  4. Catherine (@MummyLion) says

    it makes you realise how things are constructed, for example, that cars dont just come ready made in boxes but can be made from a collection of individual components. and it is so satisfying to make something that works.

    my son will love this, he's already really interested in how things come apart and go back together.

  5. kelly smith says

    tweeted @kellyroxanne82
    meccano is such a good toy as it can keep kids playing all day long, it helps them to work together or even on their own. it takes them away from those damn consoles 🙂 my brother always had meccano and he loved it x

  6. Karis Boone says

    Tweeted @lovetocomp

    I love meccano because it allows you to use your imagination and get really creative.

  7. Sarah ballantyne says

    I have tweeted

    I think Meccano is a great toy for developing hand eye co-ordination and problem-solving skills, plus it's one of the few toys I really enjoy playing with too which is a huge bonus!

  8. beverley kirwin says

    tweeted @mike4bev its a good toy because it helps children to get really creative and learn to solve problems at the same time

  9. Judy Wright says

    Have Tweeted @girlybags

    Meccano is brilliant – it keeps kids minds active as well as working the fine motor skills

  10. Julie F says

    have tweeted, @juliefeathers
    I love Meccano as it reminds me of when we were young, and my children loved it, also good strong products

  11. JOHN WEBSTER says


  12. Val says

    Unlike a lot if toys these days, it's open-ended – an infinite number of possibilities for building, and as easy or complex as skills allow

  13. Paul Witney says

    It's great for kids' creativity and imagination. You can actually build something and it's not electronic.

  14. Fiona Martin says

    I love meccano as it is creative and uses the imagination – it can be played over and over again and is fun for all the family to join in.

  15. Cheryll H says

    I have tweeted @pipersky1 🙂

    Meccano is such a good idea because not only is it fun for kids to play with but it targets key areas of childrens development such as hand eye co-ordination and spatial awareness 🙂

  16. Lucy Robinson says

    I have tweeted @lucyrobinson3

    Meccano is great for boys and girls and it is fab for the imagination and hand eye co ordnation.

  17. Helen says

    I have tweeted @toffeefudge1

    Meccano is great as it isn't a passive toy and gets children really involved in creating something new.

  18. Heather Shaw says

    i have tweeted @kiki_725

    I think meccano is fantastic as it gets childrens imagination going

  19. ANNIE says

    meccano is almost ageless and doesn't matter if your male or female.
    tweeted @ibr4u

  20. Andrew Timms says

    Building something and creating something 3 D and real rather than virtual and 2D is far more satisfying, surely this is a greater stimulation to kids imaginations

  21. carole maciver says

    meccano is pure fantastic for all even the grown ups who like being kids, have followed ,tweeted and liked

  22. Melissa says

    We love meccano in our household, as it gets the creative juices flowing, and needs nothing more than a little imagination to create something fabulous!

  23. claire woods says

    Tweeted. I think meccano is great because all children love building things and it suits all ages.

  24. Emily McMillan says

    Meccano is a fantastic toy, I love how it keeps on giving – kids can use it again and again and keep getting more out of it. It encourages imagination and gets them really involved while they concentrate on their creations. The range of products is fantastic & it's so versatile… I'm tempted to build myself that rotary washing line I'm after…! Thanks, have tweeted too @emymc xx

  25. Julie Kenny says

    Meccano is great – my son has played with it at his friends and he loves it. He loves making things and Meccano can be used again and again. He really uses his imagination when he makes things and concentrates hard too – I`d love to win him some …thanks for the chance


  26. Sharon Hingley says

    I love Meccano because it helps build coordination and encourages creativity and imagination. It's great for all ages and can be played with both individually and in groups. A timeless toy that evry child should have.

    tweeted @daisybeebee

  27. Dee Edmonds says

    Its a great toy for stimulating imagination and creative play beside the fact it keeps the children quiet for ages :))

  28. judy parslow says

    meccano is a great toy for imagination and co-ordination it is a great toy to play with mums/dads and pretend they are grown ups

  29. Dee Hardy says

    He can play on his own and costs nothing and best of all, keeps him busy for a time while we have some us time!

  30. Rachael Lines says

    I have tweeted @stralisemiai

    I love Maccano simply because its the first step for future technology buffs, normal construction toys are click and lock, or build a brick – the little screws and tools make this toy feel that little bit extra special, really engages the childs play and makes them think for themselves.

    Ofcourse its nice to lend a hand, and a good idea to hide the real screwdrivers, or you may find the dining room chairs start having wonky / missing legs!!

  31. lydia says

    tweeted as mrs_meep

    my son has a great imagination and meccano gives him the chance to try out all sorts of possibilities 🙂

  32. Angela M says

    I have tweeted.

    Mecanno is such a great toy really gets childrens imagination and creativity flowing, can be used indoors, outdoors or great for rainy days!


  33. says

    Meccano is such a great toy because it's timeless – can be passed down through the generations – and because it develops skills in all areas of development.


  34. Marzena says

    In my opinion it's a great toy because Meccano is designed to help develop early how-to skills and manual dexterity
    I tweeted as @marzutek

  35. Sam Green says

    I have tweeted as @sammi16

    Meccano is such good fun, lasts for hours and can really help with development!

    I have seen adults and children play for hours, such fun!!!

  36. phyllis ellett says

    Meccano is a 'basic' 'toy', not in the sense that its cheap etc. but the fact it comes with no pre-set rules to play, you build what is in your mind, not what the box tells you to do. OK you build the thing that's on the box, but then you can take it apart and do something else with the bits. Long lasting 'toy'

    tweeted at @phyllgerry

  37. Jennifer Stokes says

    Meccano is something that dads and sons can do together, and it keeps them both quiet!

  38. Robyn Clarke says

    I've tweeted – @robynlclarke

    I love Mecanno, it encourages creativity and logical thinking, as well as being fun.

  39. katherine grieve says


    HAVE TWEETED @katherinegrieve

  40. Maya Russell says

    I've tweeted the message as @maisietoo
    I love Meccano because it's fun, you can get creative and it can be passed on to other children.

  41. Jennifer Kelly says

    Have tweeted & followed @MrsD_Winchester 🙂

    I love Meccano cos it keeps the kids quiet. You can see their brains working & their little hands building away. My eldest still loves Meccano & he's 11 now! It's a winner!

  42. Clare Webb says

    Tweeted @mrs_jacksparrow

    Meccano is the best toy because it encourages kids to use their brains to build different things. And the best thing about it? No mess!!!

  43. Kyla says

    I have tweeted your competition – pandaa86

    I love mechano because its something that hasn't changed over the years – the old bits still fit the new bits… plus I know once the kids get the mechano out….. I know dad will be playing too and not trying to DIY something in the house without supervision!

  44. Laura Pritchard says

    Have re-tweeted the message @Isis1981uk

    I remember my brother having meccano & being jealous as I played with my Barbies! I think it's great as it requires concentration & imagination…something many kids lack these days!

  45. Katherine Coldicott says

    Have tweeted @Dwerrycat

    Meccano is a great toy because you can reinvent the toys to go with the childs age. You can add to the pieces you've already got, start off simple and once you've got the knack get more complicated.

  46. lynsey says

    meccano is so good because it learns to put things together and how things work out, my children has allways loved playing with it. tweeted @bulinachinashop

  47. Jaime Hyland says

    Meccano is such a good toy as it inspires creativity and is timeless. I remember many happy hours spent building things as a kid!

  48. susan willshee says

    I've tweeted your comment @susanwillshee

    Meccano is a brilliant toy because it really encourages older members of the family to get interactive with the smaller ones and show how clever they are at designing things 🙂
    There are lots of comments on the news and financial shows about the fact that we don't manufacture things in Britain any more. I think this is partly because in the past couple of generations there was a swing away from traditional construction toys such as meccano onto games consoles and similar pastimes that don't encourage getting an idea and trying to recreate it in 3d.
    Meccano should be a must for all children at some stage of their life to see if we can regenerate interest in manufacturing. Bring back the meccano!

  49. Rachel King says

    Tweeted as Rachsomcollege
    Meccano is such a fab toy because it helps with children's dexterity and inspires them. It never grows old as it is only limited by their imagination, which is boundless.

  50. Joanne says

    I love Meccano because you can do whatever you want..there are so many endless possibilities and I loved playing with it as a is for both boys and girls, and is great fun. It makes children really think about what they want to make and how to do it.

    I've also tweeted @pigtails21

  51. Carolina J. says

    Tweeted! (@pandcands)
    Great toy with no batteries involved and everyone enjoys playing it.

  52. Lindsey Wileman says

    I love Mecano because it gives even the littlest budding engineers a chance to build whatever their imaginations want. My boys would LOVE this. Tweeting as @REWAG29 x

  53. janice taylor says

    I love Meccano because it has stood the test of time and is popular with both boys and girls.

    @nannyt24 on twitter

  54. christine r says

    I love meccano as it's durable and stands up to rough play

    Have tweeted as kyber1993