Listography: Top 5 Places I'd Like To Visit

The marvel and wit that is KateTakes5 has decreed that this week's Listography is places we'd like to visit.

I'm quite a homebird and don't like to spend weeks and weeks away from the little haven that is my three-bedroom, semi-detached suburban cocoon. Before The Boy we would have two breaks throughout the year, all just a long weekend normally in an European city. Some we revisited, like Prague and Barcelona, because when I find somewhere I like, I like to go back and explore more. However, I've always maintained that I will not take an infant abroad because I personally could not stand the stress it puts on them, you and every other person in the vicinity. That's me trying to have an easy life. It does however mean that I have deprived myself of feeling the sun on my skin for the forseeable future.

There are five places that I'd like to visit though before I'm too old and wrinkly to appreciate them:

1) The Greek Islands

We very nearly made it there. In the August before I fell pregnant with The Boy we started planning our October half-term holiday. I really wanted to go to the Greek Islands but was put off by the whole loo-paper in bin debacle. I decided that we'd probably do it through a cruise instead which would mean a) we'd see more of the islands, and b) I could flush my bog-paper! Finances meant that we'd have to put that off 'til the following year so we looked at Menorca instead. And then I fell pregnant so we stayed home and bought a car-seat and nappies instead!

2) The Galapagos Islands

I want to see the turtles lumbering around in their natural and protected environment. I want to see what made Charles Darwin think 'hang on a minute…' and I wouldn't mind enjoying the beaches either!

3) Alaska

Blame Northern Exposure!

4) Petra

I have inherited my dad's fascination with the place and it has nothing to do with Indiana Jones. I find the whole place completely astounding, a true Wonder of the World. To walk through that passage and see temples carved out of stone must be breathtaking.

5) The River Nile

This is somewhere that I've wanted to go for years and years! This one is completely down to Agatha Christie and Peter Ustinov, the glamour of the cruise-boats is amazing. So one day we will cruise 'up' the Nile from South to North (how bizarre?) enjoying the temples of Abu Simble and, of course, the Pyramids at Giza.

One day.

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  1. says

    Love the list. I would love to visit the Greek Islands too, the water just looks amazing! And a cruise up the Nile would just be amazing!
    Petra really is amazing. And so so old. It's just astounding to see how people lived back then and how advanced they were with just caves and rocks at their disposal.

  2. Hannah says

    Wow, all your list are fab.

    I've been to Rhodes before, and it was amazing. So beautiful.

    As for the rest of your list, 3 of them are pretty much the same as mine! Impeccable taste! 🙂

  3. says

    Ooh nice list! I nearly put the Galapagos on my list. I actually have been to the beach and shipwreck in that top pick – we love the Greek Islands :0)

  4. Alma says

    Aaaaah I LOVED Northern Exposure! It too made me want to see Alaska. Have you seen the movie "Mystery, Alaska"? A friend of mine did a trek in Petra. She said it was the best trip she ever made (and she's traveled a lot!!) You should do it!

  5. says

    Alaska! I have notions of camping in the wilderness… miles away from civilisation… just me and nature for company… peaceful silence… then I remember that a giant bear would probably eat me within seconds of my arrival, and I realise that yeah, being a homebody is a GOOD THING 🙂

  6. says

    I have a #thing with my other half that we do every Greek Island before we die (or split up!!) been to Crete, Rhodes and Santorini so far. All lovely. Last year, Santorini was just bliss. xx

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