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A little over a month ago I was chosen to be the first mummy reviewer for SIGG EcoBottles.

I know some of you maybe wondering who SIGG are, and that's kind of the point of this post isn't it? Ok, so SIGG was founded in 1908 in Switzerland and today is the leading brand of reusable water bottle in the world. SIGG bottles are made from a single piece of pure aluminium and use modern and very funky designs, trendsetters like Vivienne Westwood, Sienna Miller, Julia Roberts, Ashton Kutcher, Zac Efron and Cameron Diaz know what they're talking about don't they? There is even one in permanent collection at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York.

This video of how the bottles are made is actually really fascinating, please take a few minutes to watch it.

Since The Boy and I (see, I can do grammar) have taken charge of our SIGG EcoBottles, we've found them invaulable. The Boy had a few drinks bottles, mostly well known brands of tippy cups and made of plastic, which of course we never left the house without. However, I would often forget my own water bottle. Mainly because I didn't have one! Or I'd end up fishing out a battered plastic one from the recycling and trying to wash it in a hurry to refill, making myself stressed and late. Although being honest here, I'd forget and end up having to buy yet another plastic bottle that gets binned or recycled. In the UK alone 250,000 plastic bottles are dumped every hour.

This is not good. I pride myself on being a little bit of an eco-warrier, in areas that I can be. We recycle everything that we can, and I am always amazed at how much plastic there is, but really we should make more of an effort to prevent the need for this. As a primary school teacher who has taught the theme of environmental impact for several years, I know the importance of teaching about the four 'R's: Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Really they should come in that order. Refuse to accept that extra packaging in the first place. Reduce the amount of waste that you are creating by reusing and recycling (Plastic bottles constitute close to 50% of recyclable waste in landfill sites). However, recycling should really come last of all in order to reduce the impact on the world's resources by having to use a process to create another product.

This is where the SIGG EcoBottles come in to adjust an area of my life which impacts on the world in which we live. By cleaning and resuing my SIGG EcoBottle I haven't bought a single plastic bottle of spring water in over a month. I would normally have bought, maybe fifteen? That's fifteen less items of plastic that need a process happening to them in order to be reused. There is of course another issue here. We live in Britain. We have good, clean and healthy tap water and there is no need whatsoever to have to buy spring water.

The reasons why I love my SIGG EcoBottle in a nutshell:

  • it is environmentally responsible to reuse a bottle rather than recycle (and saves money!)
  • it is funky and pretty with a nifty little design on it (all the girls in school admire it)
  • because it's made of metal, it keeps the water cool for ages
  • it is lightweight yet very robust
  • it has a variety of accessories, like a fliptop lid to suit your needs.

This is where you can get your mitts on a SIGG EcoBottle and be one of the cool people that is frugal and environmentally conscious.


I have teamed up with SIGG EcoBottles UK to offer one lucky reader the chance to win this Barnyard Fun bottle for their child. They normally retail for £14.00 so this is a treat indeed and one that your little one will adore.

In order to be in with a chance to win this funky bottle we would like to know how you would make the world a better place! It can be comical or serious, it can be as simple as teaching children to say 'thank you’ or as complex as ‘building clean water fountains across the world’. This is our example.

TheBoyandMe would make the world a better place by cheering people up with our silly and funny antics.

Comment below completing the phrase: "I would make the world a better place by…"

  • One more entry can be gained by tweeting:

I want to win a @SIGGEcoBottleUK with @TheBoyandMe's blog

Again please leave an additional comment for this.


Competition closes Saturday 18th June 2011 at 8pm. I will draw the winner using and notify them that evening. If they have not replied by Monday 20th June 2011 I will redraw. UK entrants only. Facebook and twitter are not affiliated with the running of this competition and have no responsibility for it.


Thank you so much for all your entries into the SIGG EcoBottle competition. There were some fantastic thoughts on how to make the world a better place, from ensuring that everyone was allowed to have at least 3 duvet days a year to by smiling at random strangers.

But of course, in true Highlander style, there can be only one. So using my faithful companion I have a winner:

Congratulations Helen Jessup from The Crazy Kitchen! You've won a fabulous Barnyard Fun SIGG EcoBottle for your little one. He's going to love it! And who says being the first to enter doesn't pay off?

Thanks to everyone for entering, please check out my other competitions over here.

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  1. sharma gaskill says

    I think the world would be a much better place if people paid a little more attension to others and if neighbours spoke to each other a little more.

    I have tweeted and liked on facebook

  2. says

    I would make the world a better place by being the best mother I can, so my children can grow into good adults who teach there children well and the cycle continues…

  3. gareth drake says

    "I would make the world a better place by wasting less"
    tweeting as @garethdrake33
    liked and shared facebook page

  4. Michelle says

    I would make the world a better place by wiping out all third world debt and by giving every child a Sigg bottle so that they grew up being more aware of reducing waste. I'm pretty sure they'd love them as well!!

  5. Michelle says

    Have liked them on FB and fallen in love with some of the prints I've seen!

  6. Michelle says

    And have just followed and tweeted @Fluffy_Mummy

    thanks for the review and comp xx

  7. says

    They are amazing. I want one.

    I facebook liked and tweeted

    We would make the world a better place by reusing and recycling as much as we can. x

  8. says

    I would make the world a better place by ensuring that everyone was allowed to have at least 3 duvet days a year! Just because! Then people would not need to make excuses, get sick or work themselves into the ground, they could just take a duvet day and slob out. I think this would improve mental health across the world!

    • nicci cowdell-murray says

      please amend my twitter entry its @bubbalovesblog NOT @twinklenicci x

  9. says

    I would make the world a better place by granting people 3 wishes.
    One they can have when they turn 20.
    One they can have when they turn 30.
    And one they can have when they turn 40.
    It'd be up to people to decide if they wanted a sensible wish [ie at 20 say they would like to be safe and successful in a career or to wish for 3 holidays that one year]
    It'd take away some of peoples negativity over how their life has panned out.

  10. catherine (@mummylion) says

    and would make the world a better place by spreading love in the form of niceness and smiles

  11. says

    I've tweeted and liked.

    I really hope I win, I'm so sick of Edith's bottles all ending up smelling funny because plastic takes on the smell of every individual juice and ends up smelling rancid, no matter how many times you boil them. A metal bottle would be perfect!

  12. says

    And because I'm an idiot and forgot to say this in the first comment, I would make the world a better place by taking all of the money we spend on weapons research into new and novel ways to kill each other and spend it on developing the third world, wiping out AIDS, cancer and malaria, and ensuring that child welfare charities had all the money they needed to help each and every child who needs them.

  13. Kirsty Fox says

    I would make the world a better place by…making people more caring and polite, I am fed up with the me, me, me society we live in now. Not many people care anymore about manners, how do you teach your own children about being nice and manners when some adults don't even know how to behave this way?

  14. melanie stirling says

    I would make the world a better place by making everything recycleable as I think there is too much that can not be recycled at the moment.

  15. Donna P says

    I would make the world a better place by gagging the two little girls who live next door. The world would definitely be a better place without having to listen to them screaming all day long.

  16. Alice Hindley says

    I'd make the world a better place by redistributing wealth to abolish poverty in the third world countries

    I am liked SIGG EcoBottles UK's Facebook page

    I have tweeted the message on Twitter @aesop57

  17. Carrie-ann H says

    Make the world a better place – I'd fill my Sigg with cement, tie it to a long piece of rope and just 'take down' anyone causing problems!

  18. Sarah Anguish says

    Introduce recycle bins to town/city centres so that we can recycle everywhere we go


  19. FionaLynne Edwards says

    I would make all the really, really rich people give away some of their money to the really, really poor ones.

  20. Ashleigh says

    i think the world would be a better place if mums helped each other rather than always criticise what others are doing! This would make everyone better mums so children would grow up better too!

  21. Jo Bromley says

    I would make the world a better place by teaching tolerance …. and handing out unlimited Snickers bars freely 🙂

  22. Bethan Farmer says

    I would make the world a better place by giving everyone a pack of yummy chocolate buttons everyday! :)…..who doesn't like chocolate? Feeling good and being kind goes a long way!

  23. Bethan Farmer says

    I've liked on facebook……………don't 'get' twitter' so cant tweet too! 😛

  24. Dorothee Archambault says

    I would make the world a better place by transforming the tube of London!

  25. Heather Shaw says

    I would make the world a better place by making everyone have a pet. they help relieve stress!

  26. HonieBuk (HonieMummy) says

    I would make the world a better place by… teaching children the importance of drinking water (& recycling). What better way than with this smart little SIGG bottle – see Time Out for Mums link in my Blog "4 Steps to Feeling Good"

  27. HonieBuk (HonieMummy) says

    Liked on Facebook under Lynne Moores-France (you are in my friends list:)

  28. Sarah Lyons says

    i think the world would be a better place if we all got paid the same as footballers 🙂

  29. Claire Cozler says

    Definitely more flowers. More books, more art, more beauty. Less concrete, ugliness and waste *there, that's done* 🙂

  30. vicky morton says

    I would make the world a better place by giving everybody fridays off!

  31. Samantha Clarke says

    I would make the world a better place by banning all cleaning on a weekend and only playing and chocolate is allowed!!!

    Have tweeted @samba1985 and have liked the facebook page.


  32. lisa s says

    I would make the world a better place by getting all kids to make their own beds and put there dirty socks in the washing bin….Not leaving them in their unmade beds. I would also suggest they didnt leave the look seat up all the time. Lights were switched off when they leave a room. Also when I sit down to dinner that isnt the time to ask for forks, spoons, drinks ketchup and dropping the whole plate on the floor…Ie give us mums a break eh???? Then again I wouldnt want it any other way as I love them dearly xxxxxxx

  33. Emily Hutchinson says

    I would make the world a better place by… having 'Manners' as a compulsory lesson in schools!