The day started with my bedroom door being flung open, after several failed attempts, and The Boy running in to my open arms shouting "mummy, mummy, mummy". This is a usual occurence on the weekends. Hubby is kind and has the good sense to let me sleep in 'til 9am both days, when he helps The Boy to wake me up in my favourite way. I'm quite grateful for his failed attempts at opening the door, it means that I have time to turn over, grab my phone (which is on charge on the bedside table), fling it under the pillow (otherwise he plays with it and it's my phone) and stretch my arms out. My eyes are not open during any of this. He then gets lifted up for a huge hug, and my eyes slowly work themselves open.

Today was more special than others; The Boy was 20 months old today. That's 1 year and two-thirds. I can't believe how quickly the time has passed! Where has my little squiggly ball of flailing arms and legs gone? Bizarrely, he has a new game at the moment; he crawls around and says "baby". I'm hoping it's a game anyway, and that he's not regressing for some reason!

After various naps had happened (both boys tottering back off for a 2hr nap) and lunch had been administered, we decided to head off to a local beach, not my nearest but The Boy doesn't move easily on pebbles at the moment.

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Ladies and gentleman, this is no ordinary beach, this is Barry Island! Yes, that's right I said Barry Island. The one on 'Gavin and Stacey'. Yes there are slot machines, and yes 'Marco's Cafe' is real, but Butlins has long gone (now an expensive housing estate) and the funfair is seriously lacking in both 'fun' and 'fairness'. However it does have a rather fabulous sandy beach which has been awarded a Blue Flag in the past few years.

Wellies on, bucket and spade swinging in our gloved hands, hats on (it may be sunny but it's still February); off we marched. Paddling first, so pleased we wore the wellies. I had secretly been worried that the rubber had perished on the joins and that I would literally be paddling in my wellies, it hadn't. We splashed, splished and paddled to our hearts content. Hubby didn't lift The Boy up in time and he got soaked by the 7th wave (hubby grew up in the middle of England and doesn't believe me about these things). I ranted for a little bit but it's only water and I am a sensible mummy and always have spare clothes. Then the boys made sandcastles with the rakes and spades while I wrote messages in the sand. It was absolutely gorgeous there, definitely the first of many trips before the end of the year.

It was a lazy Saturday and I didn't want to cook so we popped into a local restaurant for our tea. As we were packing up in the restaurant, the background music changed to (and I absolutely kid you not) 'Fantastic Day' by Nick Heyward & Haircut 100.

ShowOff Showcase

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  1. says

    Er, I may only live in Southend on Sea, which is technically on a estuary, but the 7th wave? TOTALLY TRUE.

    Gorgeous pictures of The Boy, as usual, though it does seem slightly surreal to see the pavillion in the background, it's making me think of Uncle Bryn in his trunks *shudders*!

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      Ew, now that's not a nice image so early in the morning! The souvenir shops around there are full of bags & t-shirts with 'Oh, what's occuring?' written on them.

  2. Misslexywoo says

    Love it. And what a beautiful photo to finish off with!! Love it love it love it.

    So is this 7th wave an age old tale then? Cos I never heard of it but when we were in Spain Addy got soaked and I have a strong feeling it could have been the 7th!

    Can't wait to visit you all, maybe we could go to that beach as it sounds wonderful! I promise I wont buy a t shirt…. But do they do mugs?!

    Also happy 20 months! You're right it really does fly by.

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      But you live inland so it would be news to you. my dad told me about it, every 7th wave is a really big, strong one. It's completely true!
      I was thinking of going there if you want to, it's perfect: not too windy, loads of sand, clean(ish) water (well must be because it's got a blue flag), chippies, candy floss and toilets nearby.

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      Whitmore Bay is fab! We shall be there a lot more during the warmer months. Possibly pop along on the train! How exciting!

  3. says

    A day at the beach no matter what the weather is always sure to be fantastic. Really sounds like you have a lot of fun when you go.
    Is it bad that I hadn't even thought about going in wellies so it wouldn't matter if the wave was faster than us??

    I love the photo sequence and especially love the writing in the sand.

  4. alysonsblog says

    We adore the beach as you might have guessed from my blog! most weekends we are mainly found with wet knickers.. for all the 'right' reasons!

  5. @somethingblue_2 says

    Sounds like a great day out, very jealous that Barry Island is so near you, I want to come and visit! Lovely photos of The Boy and the picture of the writing in the sand really made me smile (how do you write so prettily in the sand?) x

  6. says

    I went to Barry Island when I was down in Newport, think the site of the old Butlins was still there then but no longer Butlins….we ended up in some greasy spoon on the corner as it started raining!
    I think I prefer the beach in the winter, no risk of that awful suncream / sand combination then….

  7. says

    Sounds llike a gorgeous day, made all the better by being on Barry Island – amazing! I love the seaside, shame I live right in the middle of the country, I'd love to spend Saturdays just like this x

  8. Jenny Paulin says

    You cannot beat a day at the beach – whatever the weather it is still fun. I went to Barry Island once as a child, just for the day with my grandparents, to Butlins. Good day as I recall 🙂

  9. says

    Sounds like a very special day indeed. You're so lucky to live within a ride of the beach. We were watching Gavin and Stacey on one of the digital channels last night. It looks like a frun day out 🙂


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