Interview With A Ten Year Old…

The eagle-eyed (and incredibly loyal) reader amongst you, may know that every year around my son's birthday I ask him a series of questions. They are the same questions that I have asked every year since he was three years old, and as a parent it's interesting to see how his tastes have changed.

Sometimes they haven't (cheesy ham pasta) and sometimes they surprise me (well I never knew Welsh cakes were his favourite snack!), but the one thing that never waivers is how happy and cheeky he is.

(For the more observant amongst you, yes I forgot to do one last year; whoops!)

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  1. says

    Happy birthday to The Boy. Hope he has the best day. I do love seeing how these have changed over the years. I bought welsh cakes when we were in north Wales the other week. They were really good x

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      Some of his responses have really surprised me this year, lovely to see his personality developing. Welsh cakes with a slice of cheese on are so scrumptious.

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