Claiming Flight Compensation: Do it Yourself or Use a Solicitor

Flying should be a comfortable and convenient way to travel, whether it be for business or pleasure. Thousands of flights happen daily across the globe, so we expect the process to run like a well-oiled machine. So, when something does not go as it should, it is natural to feel frustrated and cheated. Of course, in some cases delayed flights or even cancelled flights can mean a loss of work or missing an important event, so wanting to claim compensation is perfectly natural. However, should you claim on your own behalf or use a solicitor.

Understanding the Process

It is probably fair to say that airlines are very much in favour of individuals claiming on their own behalf as this means they have the stronger case. The laws and regulations surrounding flight compensation are complex and varied depending on the circumstances at the time. This means that if you are not fully versed in the rules, you could easily miss crucial details. Many people feel that representing themselves is the better option because they keep the full amount of compensation and do not have to pay fees, however, if you lose the case or are not award properly you could actually walk away with less – and sadly be unaware that you have missed out.

Professionals Understand

If you needed a tooth removed you would definitely go to the dentist and not try and remove it yourself and for very just reasons. Professionals in any area have undertaken extensive training and have precise knowledge. This is undoubtedly true of the legal team who conduct flight compensation cases for their clients. Solicitors are experienced and skilled in knowing and understanding your rights under the specific Flight Compensation Regulation (261/2004), which is the particular piece of EU legislation that governs these cases.

The rules and regulations were implemented to ensure that passengers receive fair treatment if their flight does not go according to plan. However, this does not mean airlines will offer the correct compensation voluntary, which is why compensation claims are regularly invoked. If you are aware that companies routinely do not provide compensation voluntary you can begin to see why it is so vital that you have a solicitor to represent you. Otherwise, there is little incentive for them to play ball.

A Range of Reasons

The categories for creating a compensation claim are vast and confusing. The weather, the state of the plane, there are so many reasons why a flight can be delayed and cancelled, and your claim must be presented correctly under one of the categories to succeed.  This is something that is time-consuming and stressful if you do not really know what you are doing. No win no fee solicitors have a myriad of experience and are best placed to help you process your claim on a timely and satisfactory basis. Air travel compensation claims are their speciality, and they know exactly how to fill in the forms and get the information from you that will help win the case.

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