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The Summer sun shone down caressing the back of my neck, the warm late-afternoon breeze blew in from the sea, and the distinct zip and pop of green balls echoed around the courts as I watched my soon-to-be-seven year old squealing with glee in his first tennis lesson.

LTA Tennis For Kids 1

I'm not sure who was more excited about the lesson, me or him. I've been longing for him to find a sport that he's passionate about for a long time, and after Annabel Croft told me that he was a natural I was positive that tennis was going to fulfill that need.

Neither of us were disappointed!

For one whole hour The Boy jogged around the court, listening intently to the instructions from the specially trained tennis coach, and by the end of it he was returning the ball over the net with both a forehand and a backhand! I cannot praise the instructor enough for his diligence and gentle manner in which he helped all nine children to engage and enjoy the training session, not one child dropped concentration during the sixty minutes, and most of them were at the younger end of the 5-10 years age range.

LTA Tennis For Kids 2

Thank goodness for the bottles of water that Highland Spring had sent us, as he was desperately in need of refreshment at the end of his first session; it's always good to see children working up a sweat when playing a sport that they've thoroughly enjoyed! And he wasn't the only one who needed a cooling down, I became quite excited seeing him develop his returns so well during the lesson, and it just goes to show how dedicated teaching can make a real impact on children's learning and progression of skills.

I'm really pleased that he's had such a good start to the six sessions he's enrolled on as a part of the free Tennis For Kids campaign from the Lawn Tennis Association. They are perfectly timed to engage him in the sport ready for Wimbledon starting in a few weeks, and of course the LTA's nationwide festival of tennis; the Great British Tennis Weekend.

We have to say a big thank you to the LTA for offering this opportunity to 15,000 children around Britain, something that so many children may not normally consider or be able to participate in. Thank you also to Britmums for inviting us to be involved in this campaign to promote it, when you see my son win the Davis Cup in the future you can be satisfied in the knowledge that you played a part in it!
This post is part of the #TennisForKids campaign with BritMums, sponsored by the Lawn Tennis Association in partnership with Highland Spring. Sign up now to be part of Great British Tennis Weekend, which will open up even more free courts for families across the UK in July.
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    haha I love your confidence – we will be watching your son win the Davis Cup in the future, if he carries on like he is doing with his lessons, I would agree!
    I'm so glad that he is enjoying himself and the instructor sounds fab. Not an easy task to hold the kids' attention for that long:-)

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