Days 45 – 51 of Project 366

Days 45 - 51 of Project 366

45: After my husband had spent all day in bed on Saturday, we'd both failed to get anything for each other for Valentine's Day so we all went out to one of our favourite nearby parks to blow the cobwebs away. It was freezing, do not let the sunshine deceive you!

46: First day of the half-term holidays and mum and I took the three cousins to the cinema to see the new Alvin & The Chipmunks film. Afterwards we came back and they had a good lay together with various toys.

47: I lied, my husband did give me something for Valentine's Day; his stomach bug! After having spent the previous evening with stomach cramps, the whole of Tuesday was spent either in bed or the bathroom. My husband had the decency to work from home to look after me, and my mum stepped in to look after The Boy! That evening I felt a lot better and sat downstairs on the sofa to start a new baby blanket for a colleague while watching NCIS; Gibbs and Dinozzo kept me company brilliantly.

48: I felt a lot better today so spent the day doing a variety of craft activities with The Boy to make up for yesterday! We're making bookmark buddies here.

49: The best day of the week, it was gloriously sunny! We popped up to see my jobshare (who is on maternity leave) and her two gorgeous children, then nipped to the beach for a bit of pebble-plopping fun. I managed to take a new photo for my header, but decided against this one where The Boy is falling over with the effort of throwing a rock; not good parenting to laugh at our children's accidents is it?

50: We nipped in to the cinema again today and saw Hotel Transylvannia 2 in the Odeon Kids' Club for £2.50 each! Never been before but what a bargain?! We continued with our Paddington sequin art; a joint effort that we're really enjoying.

51: I finished baby blanket that I started on Tuesday! I need to do the border but the main blanket is done. I think v-stitch may be my new favourite stitch!


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  1. says

    Very envious of your wonderful beach photos (not just this week)! I wish we could visit the beach more often than just once a year. Very pretty knitting. We also loved Hotel Transylvania 2.

  2. says

    Sorry to hear about your stomach bug, but good to hear you got over it pretty quickly! I would never have guessed The Boy was falling over in that pic if you hadn't said! Good work on your baby blanket – that's some seriously quick work!

  3. says

    Glad the bug's gone. You're super speedy on blankets. Love the v stitch one – I've never tried that stitch before.

    That made me chuckle about the falling on the rocks. Maybe not nice to the children, but funny all the same!

  4. says

    I LOVE your bike picture, how you captured the shadow on the tree! We went to see Alvin too, kids loved it. Sorry to hear you got the stomach bug, that sucks in half term.

  5. says

    looking forward to seeing your new blog header and it is fine to laugh at your children accidents – i cannot help but laugh at Jenson (who gets grumpy with em when I do oooops!) because it is so funny, i cannot keep a straight face.
    I love the cycling photo and seaside one best, but i do like the look of the Paddington Bear sequin art.
    So try you were ill, but luckily it was only for one day and it looks and sounds like you and the boy had a lovely relaxing week x

  6. says

    V-Stitch is such a lovely stitch to use, always makes me smile once I finish a blanket in it. The beach looks beautiful, I thought it looked like he was running around as an airplane not falling over! Pleased to hear you weren't ill for too long.

  7. says

    Oh wow you crochet quick! It takes me ages to make a blanket. Sorry to hear that you have been sick but pleased it was only a 24 hour one. I love the picture of the Boy on the beach I didn't notice he was falling until you pointed it out. Hope you have a good week x

  8. says

    Think a lot if us have shared pictures of bruised and cut children, but probably not a good idea for a header.
    Oh dear at the shared tummy bug, glad The Boy did not catch it.
    Love the blankets and I am sure the recipients like them as well.

  9. says

    Sounds like a fun half term, apart from the illness! I love the beach photo, even if he was falling over it's still a great shot! We love the movies for juniors when we can get, it is a bargain isn't it!

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