Days 17 – 23 of Project 366

Days 17 - 23 of Project 366

17: Lego has been a firm fixture in this house for a couple of years, but The Boy has never really shown much interest in creating from scratch, preferring a complete kit despite not then going on to play with it! However, about a week ago he decided that he wanted to make a hotel and has been working on it non-stop ever since, happily spending at least half an hour at a time on his construction.

18: Top Trumps after tea with The Boy's favourite set; London tourist attractions. He knows the details of every single card inside out and upside down!

19: I love how my sky blanket is working out, the variety of colours and stitches is beautiful!

20: A gorgeous peachy sunset tonight, saw a colourful row on my sky blanket!

21: I popped out with my mum to do a bit of shopping and we decided to head to a nearby pub-restaurant for lunch; battered halloumi with seasoned fries. This was the view from our table overlooking the Bristol Channel; a murky day but still beautiful nonetheless.

22: The Boy had a dreadful cough during the night, he sounded like a barking seal and was in so much pain with it and slept badly. I decided to keep him home, and we had a day of puzzles, cuddles and TLC.

23: I was bored today and wanted to do something, rather than hanging around the house on a grey day. We decided to head into Cardiff and treat ourselves to a Red Hot World Buffet lunch. I wanted to get The Boy some new underwear as well, and somehow we came home with a bit more than pants; two new pairs of shoes for me, some replacement Urban Decay eyeshadow (as I've lost my Naked 2 palette) and a brand new phone. I wasn't sure about upgrading to a Samsung Galaxy S6 but the saleswoman tempted me by telling me it had an f1.9 lens on the camera. All other techy details had gone right over my head up until that point, but my eyes lit up with glee and it cinched the deal!


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  1. says

    That's really weird about the Lego – we've had the same thing here, until recently. Monkey was busy making a prison (I know – why???) this evening before bedtime, totally absorbed. That chocolate fountain looks amazing, and sounds like the trip was well worth it! Hope he's feeling better now and I'm going to track that Top Trumps set down – Monkey loves London.

  2. says

    I always weep over the amount of lego sets we have yet no one ever builds a simple house!! In my day it was a box of bricks and off we went. Hope the boy feels better now – they need a duvet day every now and again, as do we 😉 x

  3. says

    Similar here with Lego, very hit and miss with it being played with! I love the stuff! I'd play with it all the time. So envious of your outing today! Sounds right up my street…..not jealous at all 🙂 Great sky blanket x

  4. says

    Love that The Boy is building a hotel from his Lego! My 12yo son never builds from scratch! He loves following the instructions on his Lego, but then just leaves it built. It doesn't seem quite right.
    Lovely view from your pub lunch and hope your new phone is good!

  5. says

    I can't wait to see the finished hotel. your shopping trip sounds perfect to me – i love how much more you came home with! Your sky blanket i so pretty – I wish i could knit x

  6. says

    Impressive shopping trip. I love my S6, so enjoy it.

    Love the sky blanket colours. There's been some amazing sunrises/sunsets, so bet your blanket will look beautiful by the end.

  7. says

    So nice that the boy is making his own Lego creations. I think that is much nicer than just making the sets up according to the instructions. Hope the cough clears soon.

  8. says

    That is very cool he is building a hotel, I cannot wait to see it complete. Such a stunning view and quite right on the phone. Hope he is feeling better soon. Hugs x

  9. says

    I love your sky blanket, I am crocheting a sea blanket lol aka a mermaids tail, its going to be much bigger than I thought !
    Have a great week

  10. says

    Slowly catching up with my commenting…! My guys love building the Lego sets, but then all the pieces go into the big box and my 6yo will spend hours building his own creations – normally cars or planes 🙂 Love the tongue of concentration! That is a stunning view, and I'm jealous of the halloumi, one of my favourites that I have yet to find over here 🙂

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