Hexbug Nano V2 (Review)

Over the past few years, I've spotted the craze that is Hexbugs and debated buying a set for my son. Recently, he was sent a Hexbug Nano V2 set to review, and this was perfect timing to find out whether to invest in expansion packs for Christmas or not.

Hexbug Nano V2 set-up

Hexbugs are tiny little battery-operated creatures who move around a pathway, but they're very clever as they can walk up passages and even move along seemingly upside-down. In actual fact they have little rubber feelers on their backs and 'tummies' so that they can have contact with both sides of the tube helping them move along. The set that we had included two different platforms with various entrances and exits, and a selection of tubes to create pathways, along with one Hexbug.

Hexbug Nano V2

The Boy was entertained by the Hexbug and he liked the way that it could move around in different directions, he thought it was very amusing. We'd had no experience of Hexbugs before including how to make the sets, but figured they can't be that hard to put together as they're designed forĀ  children after all. In all honesty, pushing the pieces together was easy enough but The Boy isn't capable of dismantling the tubes without help as they are very tight and feel like they could splinter under too much pressure. Because of that, we've been taking it apart for him, which limits his play possibilities. However, he's a timid six year old and an older child with more physical dexterity would find it easier.

Many thanks to House of Fraser for sending us this set to play with. They have a variety of Hexbug sets to choose from in their Christmas toys department and we will certainly be investigating other sets to use as an add on for The Boy this Christmas.

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