August & Project 365 (Days 9 – 45 of Project 365)

This is going to be a mammoth post, but stick with it because it's worth it!

Here's the past month and a bit of my 365 Project.

Days 9 - 14 of Project 365

Days 9 – 14: Playing in the garden and making water slides, eating ice-creams in the sunshine on the pier and playing in various parks with cousins – the stuff Summer holidays are made of.

Days 15 -22 of Project 365

Days 15 – 22: Coombe Mill! A traditional chippy dinner from Peckish, playing on Polzeath beach, exploring the River Camel that runs through Coombe Mill with his new body board, playing Minecraft with old friends and investigating the changing technology of Castle Drogo.

Days 23 - 29 of Project 365

Days 23 – 29: Turning two broken benches (thanks Grandad!) into a mudpie kitchen, starting Jennie Maizels' Sketchbook Club, celebrating my birthday with a family lunch down the beach (love this photo of The Boy and his cousin), and general outdoor play!

Days 30 - 36 of Project 365

Days 30 – 36: Adventure golf and a hole in one, National Trust's Dyffryn Gardens on two different days with different friends, visiting National Trust's Stourhead for the first time, going swimming for the first time in far too long and learning doggy paddle (got to start somewhere), more sketchbook club, and discovering that I can't keep up with his book club so have to enrol him in the library.

Days 37 - 45 of Project 365

Days 37 – 45: Another National Trust property – this time Dyrham Park to explore the rooftop restorations, Legoland in torrential rain, the evergrowing book habit, climbing totem poles and teaching daddy how to climb the frame in a local park, exploring the maize maze at Hendrewennol and realising our own sunflower is over 9 foot tall. And of course, exploring the Impressionist art gallery in Cardiff – studying a Monet, flanked by two Degas' sculptures.

Phew! All caught up!

And actually I'm really pleased that I've sat down and forced myself to write this tonight; I've spent the entire day feeling miserable with 'Back to School' blues and felt that I hadn't accomplished anything over the Summer. These collages prove to me that we have had a whole bunch of fun and games, and enjoyed each other's company a great deal.

Roll on Autumn, I'm ready for you!

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  1. says

    Brilliant! You have had a wonderful summer, such great photos of your time 🙂 I just looked back at our summer bucket list and did an update, and was so pleased to see just how much we'd done. I'm glad you've had a great summer, we have too x

  2. says

    Fab collection of photos – and looks like an action-packed fun summer 🙂

    Love the look of the water slide. I tried to make one for E before because his slide had a hose attachment; he tried it once, zoomed down (so, so fast!), flew about three feet through the air and landed on his behind. I don't think he was prepared for it to go quite so fast!

    You can really see how absolutely huge your sunflowers are in the pic with The Boy in front!

    And is that the Cardiff Bay pool that you went swimming in? (Slide looks fab wherever it is). I've got to get taking E again and want somewhere that has a decent shallow bit.

  3. says

    I agree that making the memories is more important than blogging them. Looks like it has been an amazing month with lots and lots of memories being made.
    Nice that he wants to read a lot, libraries are a great resource and children can never have too many books.
    Happy belated birthday.

  4. says

    well done for getting this done – it would have been easy to not bother and as you say, it is easy to forget what you got up to during the holidays *sighs* which seems ages ago now. lovely photos – the weather looks good for most of it too x

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