Days 3 – 9 of Project 365

Days 3 - 9 of Project 365

Day 3: The lurgy which had plagued The Boy on and off for the past week started to ease up on him with just occasional sickness bouts, but it completely wiped him out and he ended up falling asleep on the sofa. He hasn't done that since he was a baby, so we knew he was suffering. Unfortunately, he wasn't the only one as I woke up feeling horrendous and sent the day in the bathroom.

Day 4: I wasn't well at all. I phoned the GP to ask for them to come out as I couldn't risk not being near the bathroom, but they refused. Early afternoon, when I realised that I wasn't able to stay awake for more than ten minutes at a time, I phoned NHS Direct who told me I was severely dehydrated and needed to get the GP out, and not to take 'no' for an answer as they had no choice He still made me wait two and a half hours, and then disputed I was that bad. Reluctantly he sent me in to hospital for dehydration, but after two hours in the corridor waiting I told my husband that I just wanted to go home. My husband went to tell them that we were going home, when they miraculously were able to see me. I was immediately put on an ECG monitor, my kidney function was very minimal and I was severely dehydrated. Twenty hours and three bags of fluids later I was allowed to go home!

Day 5: High on my body remembering what it was like to have fluids, I decided that after coming out of hospital to make some craft items with The Boy. I lasted ten minutes before having to retire to bed. Gastroenteritis sucks.

Day 6: I was naughty and went with my mum to see 'The Bodyguard' in Cardiff's Millennium Centre. I'd bought the tickets in October and as I hadn't had an illness bout since the day before I decided I'd be ok, as would the general public. It was amazing! Alexandra Burke has got the most sensational voice, she did wonderful justice to Whitney Houston's songs and while it was more of an opportunity to show off the songs that the diva is best known for, with a heavily rewritten storyline, it was a magical production.

Day 7: Cheered up hugely by a yarn delivery for my sea wave blanket I'm crocheting. My husband thinks we have a problem as someone, and he can't think who, keeps ordering yarn to be delivered to our house. I'm just grateful he doesn't get arsey with me.

Day 8: A little bit of gardening and outdoor play! I chopped the lower branches of the silver birch and The Boy decided to use them as a way of hiding his den.

Day 9: A very belated family, birthday party for The Boy today! We had been clear of illness for a good few days, but couldn't risk cross-infection for my sister or dad so it had to wait. Finally The Boy was able to blow the candles out on his birthday cake, and it was a fantastic party which he thoroughly enjoyed. It might have taken a while, but we got there in the end!

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  1. says

    Oh yuck, poor you and your Boy. I'm sure that Doc surgeries deal with a lot of cases when an aspirin would do, but it's awful that you had to wait so long.
    Glad you're both on the mend now and belated Happy Birthday.
    Am envious of your crochet skills, I'm attempting to learn and making lots of strange worm-like efforts ATM!

  2. says

    Is it ok to kick your GP? You had to go through so much before actually being seen. Glad you're a lot better now though. Just a shame with the timing but these things come at horrid times don't they?

  3. says

    That really was the week from hell for you! So glad you finally got some help at the hospital and glad you made it to see The Bodyguard and The Boy finally got to blow out the candles on his cake.

  4. says

    glad the family party happened eventually, any excuse to eat cake.
    Thank goodness you felt well enough to see your show, you must have been looking forward to it.
    Recycle tree cut offs for his den seems to be making him happy.

  5. says

    such a bad week for you and The Boy and the fact that you had to wait all that time to get to hospital and then be seen, is really bad. Still, at least you are both better now and onwards and upwards 🙂
    Glad to boy got to blow out the candles on his cake at last with his family around him.
    I love the colour of that yarn x

  6. says

    Flippin heck!! What a week! I hope you're still feeling much much better… Tonnes of water… Ice cream and crisps… That's what everyone's told me about being in 40 degrees in California at least 😉
    The ice-cream and crisps bit really is JUST as essential!

    Your birthday photo is fantastic – top favorite of the week.

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