Beach Art

On a wonderfully sunny day a week or two back, we met some friends at our local beach for some 'seaglass hunting'. Our local beach is a great mix of lovely round pebbles and newly uncovered sand, and at low tide we even have rock pools with tiny crabs and sea anemones to marvel upon.

We were far too distracted on this occasion though to find any seaglass, as there were far too many other opportunities that lay in wait. First of all was the challenge to produce a tower.

It's not an easy thing to do when most of the pebbles on the beach are round! Luckily we managed to find some flat rocks for the base and then it required careful balancing to produce the leaning tower of south Wales!

Pebble Tower

After watching the tide knock our tower down, we decided to create some wild art using the swathes of seaweed and mounds of pebbles. The tide was rapidly approaching and we set to making the outline of a starfish and fish in pebbles, then filling them with seaweed.

Beach Art

We stood back and admired our handiwork with the waves threatening our ankles.

Starfish wild art

And of course, by the time we'd reached the top of the beach? The tide has covered it up and washed it all away creating a blank canvas for the next family to have fun with.

The Alphabet Photography Project: A is for… Art!

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  1. says

    I love your star fish, you can see just how big it is with the Boy standing behind, more ideas for us to try at the beach, it really is such a great natural playground for so much family fun. The leaning tower of the South West looks very finely balanced, clearly hours of fun and creativity. Thank you for joining me for Country Kids.

  2. says

    That looks like so much fun – will have to remember all these ideas for when we next go to the beach. Love the beach art and that tower is very impressive! #CountryKids

  3. says

    You are so lucky to live near the sea, I used to live at the seaside and I do miss it. It would have been a great place to bring up the Beans. That said, we are very lucky where we live as we do have some beautiful outdoor spaces too. #CountryKids


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