AniSnap Watches (Review)

I distinctly remember learning to tell the time as a child; my parents had given me a clock for Christmas which had a reversible paper face to insert into the clock surround, and this could be changed depending upon the stage of learning. I loved that clock, and the feeling when I worked out that the five times table is the key to identifying how many minutes past the hour it was, was wonderful.

I wasn't sure when The Boy would be ready to start learning to tell the time, thirteen years of teaching has shown me that children learn at vastly different degrees. However he's started to learn the five times table, and he can convert a 24 hour clock into 12 hour times, so I figured he was ready!

It was with great delight that I accepted a review opportunity a short while ago to trial a children's watch.

Anisnap Watches

AniSnap watches are wonderful. And they are fun.

Quite frankly if the picture above isn't enough to show you how cute they are then we've got problems.

My main concern with a watch in the past has been the fastening and the wrist strap. I worried that the metal catch would scrape his skin or get caught on clothing. However, the clever folks at AniWorld have solved that in a way that is incredibly enticing to children, especially as it uses a rubber snap band as the strap. The watch face fits inside an animal encasement which fits snugly and securely arround it, ensuring it doesn't slip out, and then this slides onto the snap band.

Anisnap Watches - Monkey

The Boy is overjoyed with his watch and it helps that it is a monkey (he's convinced it's been made especially for him to show Oliver Monkey's face). He's also progressing in leaps and bounds with his ability to tell the time and has completely understood the use of the five times table to help tell how many minutes past, we just need to progress onto minutes to the hour now!

Priced at only £10.00 RRP from a variety of online suppliers and small independent shops, the AniSnap watch is wonderful and comes in a huge range of animal designs. It is a perfect present for a family member or friend, one which they will definitely be fond of!

I was sent this product for the purpose of this review, my opinion is honest and unbiased.

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