Five Indoor Plants for Shady Rooms (Guest Post)

In our old house we were able to grow a number of plants which thrived in the lighting conditions; I had countless orchids which bloomed continuously and my peace lily was constantly a mass of elegant white flowers. We've been in our home now for ten years and I haven't had a single blossom from either peace lily in that time, and the orchids went in the bin after the first year.

The problem is that our rooms are just too dark for them. In this post, a number of different plant options are provided for those like me who can't get their foliage to behave!

Indoor gardening has a number of benefits, from improving the aesthetics of a space with colourful blooms and verdant foliage to naturally purifying the air by taking in carbon dioxide and emitting fresh oxygen. Light is one of the single most important factors in the growth and development of a plant, but luckily, plants represent an extremely broad range of diverse organisms and there is a houseplant that does well in practically any environment imaginable.


An excellent choice for beginners, pothos shows long, tendril-like stems that can grow over 10 feet in length adorned by wide green leaves. It can also display small white blooms in later stages of development. Pothos is famously tolerant of low light and also requires minimal care outside of trimming and occasional watering, and so it does well in virtually any indoor situation.

White Orchid

These lovely white blooms set against shiny viridian foliage grow very well in shady areas. White orchids also thrive under artificial light, although the leaves will typically turn a darker shade of green to maximize photosynthesis from any natural light it does get. Regardless, these large-petaled flowers make an immediate impression in even the shadiest of rooms.

Zanzibar Gem

This leafy plant shows upright stalks and a cascade of glossy green foliage. The Zanzibar Gem is a hardy plant, resistant to under-watering and low sunlight, making it another excellent choice for new gardeners. This plant grows extremely slowly, but is very stable and typically lasts years.

Lucky Bamboo

Although not true bamboo, this plant gets its name from its familiar resemblance to the well-known tree. Lucky bamboo is another plant that works well in shaded settings, as they actually do worse in direct sunlight. These plants are inexpensive, distinctive and experience no issues in the majority of planting situations, all of which contribute to their popularity as an indoor houseplant.

Lady Palm

This plant shows off a bush-like profile with palm-shaped leaves, and can even put forth small yellow and white flowers tinged with pink when in bloom for a dramatic display. Lady palms are very low-maintenance, resistant to cold as well as happily growing under artificial light, and can very slowly reach a height of 10 feet for those who don’t mind a larger plant.

Many rooms in the typical building suffer from inadequate sunlight levels to allow many of the most commonly known plants to grow and thrive, but a dim room could be a more than adequate setting for gardening depending on the plants chosen – you can find out more about plants online at gaddys. Some plants do especially well in limited light situations while offering all the visual attractiveness of other floral displays, making them an ideal choice for indoor houseplants.

 This is a guest post

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