Hot Wheels Super Loop Chase Race (Review)

The Boy is a huge fan of cars, particularly the collection of Hot Wheels walltracks sets that he's collected over the past couple of years. He particularly likes that he can stand and play with the walltracks sets as opposed to lying on the floor, and it makes racing the cars a lot easier. Wall-mounted tracks are also space-saving and don't take up valuable floor space!

We've been sent the latest addition to the Walltracks collection; the Hot Wheels Super Loop Chase Race set, and of course The Boy couldn't wait to get it attached to the wall and start playing with it.


The Super Loop Chase Race is quite an amazing piece of engineering for a Hot Wheels set, which are usually impressive anyway. Consisting of a giant orange loop which measures 1 metre wide, a motoriser and powerful booster at the base, and two smaller loops, it is quite astounding, awe-inspiring and possibly a little bit scary how quickly it sends the cars shooting around the track!

There are three super elements to this set which The Boy really enjoys; the double loop which the cars charge around after completing the giant loop, the starting point (he tends to line up a few cars ready), and the motor which shoots the cars at high speed around the whole track.

We've tested all of The Boy's cars with this and some of the Hot Wheels cars don't work; they either get stuck in the motor, or fall off at the top. However, Mattel go to a lot of effort to design a car which fits each track, and The Boy enjoys testing them all. The crashing is part of the fun!

Hot Wheels Super Loop Chase Race

As with all of the other Walltracks sets, the Super Loop Chase Race can be connected with other sections to make the car-racing even more exciting. We have failed to do this yet, due to the only issue that I have with the set; space! It is 1 metre wide and 90cm high and we just didn't have that available wall space (especially considering that it shouldn't be attached to wallpaper as when the strips are removed they can rip the paper). We have ended up tacking two sheets of plywood to the side of his high-bed and attaching it to that.

This is a great set, one of our favourites, and I can see it staying up a long time in his bedroom. It's a particular favourite when his friends come over to play!

Available to buy with an RRP of £44.99 from Argos, Amazon, Tesco and Toys R Us.

I was sent this product for the purpose of this review, my opinion is honest and unbiased.

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