How To Throw A Frugal-Friendly, Yet Awesome Birthday Party For Children

The endeavours of life often overwhelms parents. And thinking about planning a birthday party for the children with fun and frugality as the goals becomes too much.

Unfortunately, many parents face a financial pit around their children birthdays. You convince yourself that parties happen once a year – so you go all out.

But once the balloons pop, the treats are devoured and the tunes end, reality hits you.

"Did I just spend £400 on a birthday party?" You may ask yourself.

Rent payments, car financing and other expenditures suddenly flood your mind and once again, stress starts setting in.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

You can bring big smiles on the faces of your children, and leave a great impression in their memories – without breaking the bank. Here’s how to plan a creative and meaningful birthday party for the children on a budget-friendly mode:


Order a service or a group that bring happiness to the children. If the young ones find delight in story time, borrow some books from the public library and have a story telling session which the guests can join in on too.

If you’re having a princess party, have the little sit in two groups and have each group pick out a model. Then, all the others will make a princess gown for the model out of old cloth paper – the most regal dress can be declared a winner.

Or tie a balloon around each child’s ankle using a string. Let every child then stomp on each other’s balloon and the last child left with a balloon is the winner. These creative games are a wonderful way to add joy to the birthday without bringing more clutter into your home.


Rather than buying impersonal birthday invitations with a pack, personalize the invites by sending out hand-made invitations created by you and the children together. This could be taken as a great opportunity to recreate the child-created art around the house and give it new life. Turn the children lose with some art essentials and let the summer muse inspire.

Another option is to send out online birthday cards. Electronic birthday party cards are available in different styles and themes, and can even be sent out at the last minute. The cards can be personalized just as hand-made cards, but have the advantage of being a waste-free alternative to mailed birthday invitations.


Simplicity is the key when it comes to frugal birthday decorations. Get some steamers, balloons and a birthday banner – these are relatively affordable and easy to integrate in almost any theme you could imagine. Keep cloth tablecloths on hand and choose neutral colours that can blend in with almost every theme.

And instead of showering the guest of honour with clothes or toys, ask each attendee to bring a paper filled with pictures and words that celebrate the occasion. They could include anything from inside jokes and poems to collages and favourite memories. All of them could also slip into a birthday photo album when the party comes to an end.

Avoid turning the birthday party into a competition of extravagance among your social circle. So relax and follow these tips to put the ‘happy’ on children’s birthday while keeping expenses in check.

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