Days 194 – 200 of Project 365

Days 194 - 200 of Project 365

194. Quiet Observer (There were a lot of things going on in Cardiff Bay this weekend, and so we popped over to have a look. The Senedd – Welsh Assembly Government meeting hall – was being used as a location for the Cardiff heat of the Sky Arts Portrait Artist of the Year competition, and the general public were able to go and watch the artists at work and the programme being filmed. The Boy and Mr. TBaM were definitely caught on camera behind Frank Skinner and Joan Bakewell who were presenting it.)

195. Wizards at Work (I had a very exciting e-mail through from a popular website who wanted to commission me to write an article for them on a given theme. First time ever something like that has happened, and it meant me setting up a load of activities for The Boy to play with after school.)

196. Sunshine Yellow (The Boy had 'changeover morning' at his new/my school this morning and so we'd managed to find a t-shirt in Asda the right colour for him. He was so excited to be coming to school with mummy! We both had a great morning with our new classes, however I must note not to shut the blinds in my new classroom when the infants are having playtime as my room overlooks the yard, and I could see him wandering around on his own, not knowing what to do. Of course, I almost sky-dived out the window to go and keep him company!)

197. Puff! (More bubble activities after school, this time involving exercising lung capacity!)

198. Floating(Another batch of bubbles, this time a different activity.)

199. First Day/Last Day (I'd seen this idea on Pinterest last September and was desperate to recreate it, I just needed to remember to do it! Can you see a difference in the two photos?)

200. Car Journey (Off to Dorset for a few days holiday with my mum and dad, and I can't wait to breathe that Dorset air. The Boy was tetchy to be there even before we'd left and didn't handle the journey at all well. Luckily, he is now at the stage of reading magazines etc. to himself, which means we might finally be able to sort through the stack of comics that my mum insists on buying him.)

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  1. says

    Love the photo idea – wish I'd done similar, are you going to build it up every year? Hope the school change goes well, I'd find it difficult not to get emotionally involved if I spotted mine alone like that. Good luck x

  2. says

    The experiments look like they were a big and lots of fun 🙂 well done on the commission. I love the yellow polo shirt on the boy 🙂 Hope you enjoy your holiday x

  3. says

    Hurrah! Dorset air ahoy! We also have a big stack of comics not entirely used to work our way through! Love the Pinterest -nailed it! We have end of term on Wednesday and that's my plan too! Bubble tastic and great to be a commissioned writer- congrats!

  4. says

    I love 'First/Last' day, from what I can see he looks like he's grown loads.
    I hope that his change over day went well, must have been hard for you to look away after you spotted him alone.
    Looks like you've had great fun experimenting this week too, wish I knew where to start with stuff like this! x

  5. says

    I like the first day last day photos too, such a great idea. I need to find R's first day photo for Tuesday when he leaves primary school for the last time *sob*

  6. says

    Lovely photos as ever. Love the first day/ last day idea! I want to do this (but no doubt I'll forget!), would be great for younger son as he's going into year 6 so his next last day will be his last day at primary.
    Good luck to The Boy for starting at your school in September.

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      Have you got a photo of him on his first day of primary school? Use that photo on his last day? Thanks for the best wishes

  7. says

    How exciting to be going to school with Mummy. Bet the Boy soon made a friend and had someone to talk to.
    I love the first and last day of school photo. I can't quite imagine my 3 standing still to do that though. But I am excited to be taking a first day of school photo in september which will have all 3 of my babies in it!
    Enjoy Dorset x

  8. says

    Lovely pics as usual. So exciting about the chance of school. Great idea about the starting leaving photo. Think I took one on n's first day at nursery school last year, so must remember to take one as he leaves!

  9. says

    That first/last day idea is a great one. Unfortunately I can't see it closely enough to tell how he has changed 🙁 I love those bubble pics and other action shots. Well done for getting invited to write an article – my dream!

  10. says

    we meant to get a pic of Fifi out the back door here on her last day and forgot, have got her first day pics from when she started 7 years ago, how much he has changed/grown up over they year, this is when this project is fab cos you are getting pics every day.
    Well done on the commission, looks like he is having fun helping you.
    I would suggest you close the blinds or leave the room at playtime, he will settle, remember all the rest of the children know each other.
    I cant read when travelling it makes me travel sick

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      I wasn't in the room at playtime, my classroom is on the first floor overlooking the playground, and I had to close the blinds as the children couldn't see the whiteboard. He'll settle in soon enough though, thank you.

  11. says

    the yellow really suits him and don't worry about him in the playground , once he settles in and makes friends he will be fine that was just because it was all new and he does not know anyone yet. and i hope your new class goes well for you too.
    lots of exciting activities for your feature – well done for that.
    enjoy your break in Dorset – i look forward to seeing a pic with him wearing his train drivers hat x

  12. says

    Love this weeks roundup – the bubbles picture is amazing. You can never have too much fun with bubbles! How do you round off the edges of your images? I really like the first day/last day picture and will be remembering it *adds to list* x

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      I use Picmonkey to make my collages and there's a framing option on there under settings. I'm so pleased you're joining in with us 🙂

  13. says

    Lovely pictures! I love the idea of taking a first day/last day picture, it'll be great to look back on how they've changed over the year. I hope you all have a lovely holiday in Dorset and that you have plenty of sunshine x

  14. says

    Funny after being out of the loop for a couple of weeks the boy actually looks a wee bit older! Such lovely captures as usual – first photo really is fab. Have a lovely time in Dorset!

  15. says

    I was about to go to bed, but now want to print off a photo of Bunny's first day at school last September to do this in the morning (her last day!). I love all the bubbles activities too – they look like messy fun! And how wonderful that he can read so well he can entertain himself now. Hope you had a good break in Dorset.

  16. says

    I know just what you mean about seeing him in the playground on his own. I was the same when I used to help out in our school.
    A yellow shirt is much better than finding other stuff to put in with red. At least yellow can go in with 'lights'.

  17. says

    Loving the first photo, are we likely to see you on TV? Mrs OD3G loved this show last year.

    I would say he looks like he's got cheekier over the course of the year.

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