Days 89 – 95 of Project 365

Days 89 - 95 of Project 365

89. Happy Mother's Day (Ha!!! So Mr. TBaM decided to be quite ill at 7.30a.m. thereby nullifying my day of pampering and relaxation. He hadn't made a card for me with The Boy, and as he was quite poorly, I ended up making my own with The Boy at 9 o'clock in the morning of Mother's Day. We'd arranged to meet my mum and sister (plus brood) at Dyffryn Gardens, so I left him to sleep it out and went off for the day. He's not really forgiven, for the card not the sickness, but these things happen.)

90. Mr. Moody ("Oh he's always so smiley", they say. No not always, sometimes he's stroppy monkey. Especially when mummy's trying to take a photograph of him!)

91. Drop (After walking the class of year three children two miles to the local nature reserve, one mile around, and two miles back, I was fit for nothing but dropping today! However, I managed to get out in the garden and take this beauty with my new lens – a Tamron 90mm 2.8)

92. Catchlight (I didn't know what those little light squares in eyes were called until I saw Mich from Mummy From The Heart refer to them as 'catchlights' a few weeks ago. I think this is a pretty good attempt? Also, it's the first day of the year when The Boy and Mr. TBaM have played outside after tea; this photo was taken at half past six – look how light it is!)

93. Purse (Desperately trying to whistle like Peppa Pig!)

94. Quick! (Knocking up a quick birthday card for The Boy's aunty before rushing down after school to give her a birthday present and card, then rushing to a school-friend's house for tea! After a full working week all I wanted to do was collapse!)

95. One Boy, and his stick (We met my brother and his family down the beach for some fresh air earlier today, The Boy was completely enamoured with the length of wood that his uncle found on the beach and proceeded to try and dig to the other uncle in Australia with it.)

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  1. says

    Hope you told him Oz is long way and he'll need more than a big stick to dig all that way. 🙂
    The Boy is looking so tall these days and I think his face is changing too. Losing the 'toddler' look.

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      I love the view from your velux window, would love a loft conversion. Lovely weeping willow tree over the river too.

      Thanks for linking up to Project 365.

  2. says

    First, third and fourth photos are definitely the favourites this week! What a shame you had more sickness and had to make your own card, sounds like you had a good day though. The Boy looks so tall and grown up in that photo 🙂

  3. says

    Oh no that's a bit rubbish making your own card, but it's certainly a Mother's Day you won't forget.
    I love the photo of stroppy The boy, I don't think I've seen one of those before.
    That stick really is huge, and The Boy looks quite tall in that photo too. #365

  4. says

    If he hadn't already got the hint, I think Mr TBaM will have when he reads this! Poor show I say!
    I had 3 homemade cards, made on Saturday night after tea, while I sat at the table with them. But it was their idea 🙂

  5. says

    Very jealous of your new lens, gorgeous close up. First and last photos of The Boy my favourites but then I would say that as I love seeing him outdoors having fun.

  6. says

    Love the flower picture – and the idea of a "catchlight" what a great term! Sorry your Mother's Day wasn't quite what it might have been.

  7. says

    I love the first picture. The Boy looks so happy! I hope you had a good Mother's Day in the end? I love the shot of him whistling too.. I have one who can whistle and now he has been doing it a while he is pretty tuneful 🙂 x

  8. says

    Very jealous of the new lens – very nice job too. I must investigate that. I am totally hearing you about not forgiving husbands. Mine bought me nothing NOTHING for my birthday this week and no card. And he wasn't sick. Bloody men

  9. says

    Making your own card? Sounds like me having to get my own Christmas present and then my husband losing it! Thankfully reunited some weeks later but we can't win, can we? Gorgeous closeups. The first one with the tree could really be the face of the National Trust list! Let's all dig to Oz x

  10. says

    My Mother's Days are never very impressive and if it wasn't for school/Brownies etc I wouldn't get anything – although OH gradually getting better at it but I have low expectations! I love the tree climbing one and the one of the flower with your new lens. I'd never heard of catchlights – must pay more attention!

  11. says

    i love him up the tree and the one of him trying to whistle is so sweet – practice will make perfect i am sure. My favourite is catchlight – he has such a lovely face and his green coat brings out the green (hazel?) in his eyes.
    if he successfully make s a tunnel to Australia please give me a shout i would love to visit! x

  12. says

    Wonderful shots of all the boy's different expressions. I was taken to a Mother's Day lunch when my family realised I was irked because they weren't going to celebrate it all as it takes place on a different date in the US (so I'll presumably get some cards then).

  13. says

    I hope he found Australia!! Mr TBAM will just need to be more organised next year and make it the week before!! Good grief that is some length of walk for young children.
    and had to laugh at the huffy one, Bobs getting very good at huffing about pictures lately.

  14. says

    Beautiful photos of a gorgeous boy. Love the flower close up too.

    I though N's 'stick' this week was ridiculously large, but that one is a plank!

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