Pit & Peak Of The Week #2

Oh there have been a hard few days this week, it seems very fitting to remind myself of one good and one not-so-marvellous aspect of the past seven days.



Anyone who really knows us will be only too aware of the terrible times that The Boy suffers at the hands of his ears. Ever since his second Winter, he has been at the peril of many an ear infection, the climax of it came last year when we visited the doctor seven times. We were referred to an ENT specialist who informed us he had glue ear in both ears with a 10% reduction in hearing in his left ear and 5% in his right. Luckily once April arrived, his ears cleared up and I knew he'd be fine until November.

Sure enough, in the first week of November ear infections arrived again and with it glue ear straightaway. Luckily this Winter seems to be the one that the Eustachian tunnel is starting to gain proportion to the rest of his head, and this is only the third bout of poorliness attributed to his ears. However, it has also brought with it tonsillitis for the first time and I cannot even begin to describe how ill he had been. Thursday was horrendous with a consistent temperature over 39°C and it peaking at 40.5°C in the night. I was very close to phoning NHS Direct and asking if we needed to take him into hospital.



Pit & Peak of The Week #2

Getting out into the fresh air for the first time since Sunday.

Experiencing sun on our faces, wind in our hair, joy in our hearts, and pebbles under our feet.


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  1. says

    Hopefully things will start to improve as he is getting bigger, I hate a fever so much. It's too scary when they get really hot Love the beach photo, it looks like your weekend weather has been a lot better than ours!

  2. says

    goodness he really suffers with hi ears doesnt he poor boy., and i am so sorry that he has been so ill last week. Lets hope that will be the last of the ear problems for some time now.
    i adore that beach shot, the same as your header, it is simply beautiful x

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