Days 321 – 327 of Project 365

321-327 of 365

321. Catch A Leaf (We went into the garden to rake up some of the leaves that have fallen from the cherry tree, which of course led to throwing and catching them! Mr. TBaM and I decided to try and stage the perfect falling leaf photo, it didn't quite pan out how I wanted to as The Boy kept sticking his tongue out, scunching his neck, closing his eyes and everything else in between. In the end this photo actually is perfect to me as I like Mr. TBaM's hand and foot in it, it adds to the moment.)

322. Taking A Break (The Boy threw up in the bathroom at 8.30 this morning which meant he had to stay home from school. Of course he wasn't sick afterwards, he'd just forced his breakfast down and has a strong gag reflex! I'll admit that I lied to the secretary and said he had a temperature, because if I'd said about the sickness she'd have made him stay off for two days, and I'm already in the amber category for attendance! I made sure he did plenty of reading, writing and learning through play to make up for being off school, this was a silly moment we were having in the kitchen when he was pretending to be a baby crawling!)

323. Pinner (I nipped up to town to buy some sausages for dinner, and perused the seven charity shops while I was there. This pin-art-thingy was in one for £1.25 and is one of the best toys he's got at the moment!)

324. Relaxing (All these play activities on other blogs featuring a tuff-spot, and I bet none have them used as chill-out and t.v. watching zone!)

325. Petrol Head (We've been sent some marvellous and limited edition Lego cars to highlight a promotion in Shell garages at the moment, The Boy has never tried proper Lego before and after a fraught first attempt we managed to make the cars together, he now adores them and now we just need to race them!)

326. Scareswan (We went to feed the swans at the local nature reserve and it was obvious they were very hungry as they all came flocking. Once we'd gone through out half a bag, they decided to investigate The Boy's pockets so he stood still like a scarecrow to scare them away.)

327. Who's There? (This morning I set up The Boy's magic elf door from The Magic Door Store, scraped the ice from the back of the freezer and sprinkled some elf dust. When he came into the living room and discovered it, he was completely captivated and we proceeded to watch it for twenty minutes in silence to see if anyone would come through. During that time he saw a hedgehog poke his prickles through, and a Christmas Mouse, but hasn't remembered Edward the Elf will be visiting. We're going to have great fun leading up to 1st December when Edward will make his appearance!)

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  1. says

    Lovely 'Catch a Leaf' photo, how come they never play ball with these photos and then they'll do it perfectly when the camera isn't to hand?

    I used to love those nail thingys when I was little but never actually owned on.

  2. says

    we have an elf on its way but i ave not heard of the magic doors til now – hmmm not sure i can not buy one now!
    i love the leaf falling phoot – great expression on the boy
    and i did not realise how big those tuff spor trays were until now and i can see him sat in one
    i also really like the swanlake photo – stunning and you can see it was cold x

  3. says

    The leaf photo is a classic photo, really lovely and I agree he is brave with those swans, A is terrified of them and we can't go and feed the ducks as she is so scared of them.

  4. says

    The first photo is so nice, the leg on the side definitely adds to it. Blimey look at huge flock of swan, there's so many. They always make me a bit nervous because they never seem scared of humans.

  5. says

    That leaf shot is brilliant and the Boy is very brave getting so close to all those swans – they are beautiful but I do find them slightly scary! Love your fairy door – you should take the Boy to Furzey Gardens on the edge of the New Forest – loads of fairy doors in the garden to find. I think the idea of the elf is great but I'm not sure mine would believe it now 🙁

  6. says

    Love these photos. I LOVE the one of The Boy looking for the elf coming through the door. I love the magical things children believe in, I wish it never died as they got older. To be honest, I believe xxx

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