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There are some people who just have an amazing ability when it comes to using a camera; they see an angle that no-one else does, a shape in the hodge-podge of chaos, or can visualise what the image would look like edited, to achieve wonderous photographs that leave the viewer in awe. To me, Vanessa from HPMcQ is one of those photographers.

HMPcQ has linked up from the very first week of the 365 linky, and with only the minimal amount of prodding at times, she has been there all the way through the past 91 weeks. Vanessa has a particular style which I can recognise at a glance; the 'blown' appearance (over-exposure), the muted colours, the grandeur of an ignored building, or the close-up face of a person lost in their own world are her distinctive approach.

And I love it.

Her photos tell a story, and that's the whole point of Project 365; to tell a story about your daily life, to capture those moments which would be otherwise forgotten, to remind us of the places we've been and sights we've seen.

HPMcQ 2012

These are my two favourite photos of Vanessa's from her 2012 project; St. Paul's Cathedral (this is actually my favourite of her photos) and the doorman of the hotel she stayed in during a work trip to Delhi. I love the stark contrast of both of these photos with the splash of red punctuating the monochrome effect.

HPMcQ 2013

The curves in the escalator photo and the bright green of the cabbies' cafe make these two of my favourites so far of 2013, the other two are the first images which Vanessa has selected as her own favourites below.

brockwell park

22/01/13: As the title says "not a black and white photo", I did not take this photo in black and white, this was the actual colour of the landscape in front of me, and this is why I love this.

after school lean

27/06/13: Ronnie is really into leaning, it's quite amusing. Whilst I was chatting to another mother at the gate of the school I turned to see this rather glorious lean. Who knew that children could be so subtly entertaining!

dont let me down

11/07/13: Could one single photo be more ironic if it tried!

men at work

24/07/13: HPMcQ & son; a partnership in the making… however it wasn't daddy in charge, Ronnie was definitely the foreman on this job!

vietnamese girl

08/08/13: Blooming love Vietnam, how beautiful Β is this little girl, if not slightly bemused about me peering at her taking snaps!

st paul cathedral

26/08/13: Well you nabbed my other one so I'm having this! I adore St. Paul's Cathedral. I think it goes back to a drawing in my abuelos' house (Spanish grandparents), it's a charcoal drawing that my father drew many many moons ago way before I was born. My dad has a talent that he has never explored to the fullest, he is very creative. I always looked at this drawing and wished that I could draw as good as that, I never have! But this is where my love of St. Paul's has come from I'm pretty sure, what a magnificent building.

  • When did you start doing the 365 photo project, and why?

A friend of mine had a blog (she's an artist) and for some reason it really played on my mind as something I could do. But what on earth would I do? I dabbled with a couple of posts and just thought, "This is silly! I'm not a writer, who am I kidding? What am I doing?" So I didn't really do much else, but I still loved the idea of it and carried on reading and finding new blogs. Sometimes I would write a post but never publish, it's very cathartic you know! I then found your blog and linky, and I that was that! This was something I could do for sure, I take pictures all the time, so it would be a journal at the same time. BINGO!

  • Why did you decide to continue the project for a second year?

I didn't really consider having to make a decision, I just carried on taking pictures, so I carried on posting them.

  • What's the best bit about doing a 365 photo project?

Ooh tough! I think recently the being bullied (ha ha, yes bulllied!) by you and Jenny, to buy a real grown up camera. From taking snaps on my phone to a real camera, something I would never have considered before, but the support and encouragement that I have recieved from both of you and a lot of the blogging community has meant that maybe just maybe I could take photos in a more grown up way too. I will however be keeping my 365 just to my iPhone, it feels wrong to change it.

  • Are there times when you've wanted to give up, why? What kept you going?

No, not really. There's been times when I've nearly forgotten to take a picture of the day and have then run around like maniac finding something of the day to snap.

  • What tips would you give to anyone who wants to start a 365 project?

Take it easy, don't stress about it. If carrying a camera around with you doesn't work, then use your phone like I do. It doesn't make it any less of a project. If 365 is too much do 52 instead, break yourself in gently.

  • Anything else you'd like to add?

Photography can be anything you want it to be and it should always be fun and natural. Whether it's your phone or a top of the range DSLR who cares, enjoy!

Did I mention that Vanessa takes all of her 365 photographs on an iPhone4S?

Please pop back next Thursday when I introduce the shadowy world of Five Go Blogging.

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  1. says

    wow no wonder you chose Vanessa as your first subject, those pictures are stunning. Love the angle of the escalator picture. Had a chuckle at the balloon, and wowed at the St Pauls Cathedral, those reflections are stunning.
    Have to agree it is a great linky, and a real good reason alone to be blogging.

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      She's brilliant, isn't she? I do like the lines of the escalators, and the curves in there too.

      I love this linky, I feel privileged being able to see into the family life of so many bloggers.

  2. says

    Wow, stunning photos. Very inspiring – like the 365 linky itself. Such a brilliant idea. Maybe one day I'll get up the courage to join in!

  3. says

    3 of my fav of heers are here – the green cafe, the escaleters and the more recent St Pauls Cathedral . Vanessa does indeed have an eye for a great shot and amazing that they are all taken on her iphone x

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      I love the green cafe one, it's so quaint isn't it? I can just imagine cabbies from the past huddled inside on a cold Winter's day!

  4. says

    What a wonderful post – so beautifully written. The photos really are amazing too, I actually love every single one of them. Vanessa does take fabulous photos. Would love to do 365, only found out recently you didn't have to join in week 1 – I'd been holding out till January 2014! Mind you we're nearly there now aren't we πŸ™‚

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      Thank you Charly, I enjoyed writing it! I would adore you to take part, I really would. You can link up an Instagram photo if that would make it easier for you?

  5. says

    I'm so envious of people who can take beautiful photos like these. I struggle and don't have the eye so I leave it to my partner – he seems to just know what makes a good photo.
    A good photo really does tell a story

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      She's very talented isn't she? I bet you can take photos, just line yourself up with all of the subject in the picture and the light at a good angle. I agree that a story should be told by the photo.

  6. says

    I definitely don't look at her blog often enough either – fabulous photos – really inspiring (I want to try that over exposed look now!) I love the doorman and the escalators are amazing. Inspirational πŸ™‚

  7. says

    wow what an amazing response to me and my iPhone!

    thank you @theboyandme for so much support you have given in getting me going in the first place and giving me the confidence to continue.

    i book mark these comments for a rainy day to make me smile. thank you all x

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