Days 160-166 of Project 365

160-166 of 365

160. Ground Force! (Little did The Boy know that the groundwork that he and daddy were doing on Sunday was for the area that his climbing frame – his birthday present – is destined for. We've done some relocation work of some fairly permanent features to accommodate the frame, this area used to be a patio which housed his Little Tikes house.)

161. Retro (The four eyebrows and tongue of concentration make a reappearance in this photo. I'd bought him one of those snake twisty things (that could make telephones and balls and stuff) that were all the rage in the 80s and he was absolutely fascinated with it.)

162. Shadow (Today was one of those deceptive days where it seemed mild and cloudy, yet when the wind blew the clouds away, the heat was extradordinary. We had to do a lot of shopping for his birthday party and as he'd been such a good boy we went up to the clifftop park. It's very peaceful up there looking over the Bristol Channel, and the skies cleared to reveal a scorching heat and the most amazing late-afternoon shadows.)

163. Surprise! (The Boy's birthday! Unfortunately I had to work, as did Mr. TBaM. This is a new one for us on The Boy's birthday as I'm usually off work, Mr. TBaM takes the day off and we have a family treat day out somewhere, but not this year and it made me sad. However, I raised home from work and we led The Boy into the garden with his eyes covered by his woolly hat. This photo was taken the very moment that he whipped it off to reveal his birthday present; a climbing frame.)

164. Adventurer (The climbing frame is going to play a huge part in our play I suspect! His confidence has grown in just one day from slowly stumbling from one rung to another of the jungle run, to walking over and barely holding on!)

165. Monkey Boy (I wondered when he'd discover the monkey bar aspect to the jungle run, it seems it was to be today. He's swinging from a single bar, he can't move himself onto the next rung yet, but he is enjoying hooking his legs over the frame – to take the weight – and moving his hands along to the next rung. He's certainly building his technique though.)

166.Β Blow (Today was the big day, The Boy's Pirate Party. Up to goodness knows what time last night baking a cake, decorating it at 7.30 this morning, running around like a blue-arsed fly all morning, and it all paid off as the party went brilliantly. It did rain for the first hour, but stopped and brightened during lunch. They were able to get outside and play – on the climbing frame – once the birthday cake had happened.)

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  1. Kara says

    That shadow picture is beautiful – as soon as I saw it I thought of Peter Pan!!
    Glad the boy had a good birthday – love the excited expression on his face!

  2. says

    Oi! A shadow photo? That's my specialty that is!
    But I have to give credit where credit is due, it is a great shadow, especially with the fingers and hair details.
    Wishing The Boy a very Happy Birthday and well done Mr & Mrs TBaM for making it very special x

  3. says

    A truly lovely set of photos. I adore the look on The Boy's face when the big birthday present reveal happens and the shadow is great.
    Congrats on an awesome looking party and cake

  4. says

    brilliant photos. i love the shadow one – such a different way to portray him and his charcter. its great that he is swinging from his climbing frame and what a good boy to help with the groundwork last Sunday. Lovely shot of him blowing out his candles on your amazing cake. thanks for inviting us we all had siuch fun x x

  5. says

    What a huge week. I loved your pics from The Boy's birthday. Great idea with the climbing frame unveiling. But I love the shadow pic most of all this week

  6. says

    the shadow picture is great, but love his face when he pulls his wooly hat off, I guess he was happy by what he saw. Looks like it will provide lots of fun for garden fun all summer.
    Nice he got a dry afternoon for his party, and WOW look at that cake, well done you.

  7. says

    I like the shadow piccie. Glad the Boy had a great time for his pirate party.

    'running around like a blue-arsed fly' reminded me of my Nan, one of her favourite sayings..along with 'like a fart in a colander'!

  8. says

    What a fantastic week. The cake is terrific and I'm so pleased the rain held off and the children could play outside. I love the look of pure joy on the Boy's face when the climbing frame is revealed!

  9. says

    I love the shadow photo, was he balancing? I was trying to get Leo to do it and after lots of encouragement and hand holding he did, he did well so I let go and he promptly fell off, he looked so shocked that i'd let go of his hand πŸ™

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