Days 62-68 of Project 365

62-68 of 365


62. Shoot! (These are the seeds we planted a week ago in our gardening play table. They've really shot up, which means that I now have to find somewhere to move them to so they can acclimatise to the outside temperature. However, look to the back, the middle seed label was written by The Boy.)

63. The Sands of Time (We went for a long walk and cycle along Cardiff Bay Barrage today and played in the pirate play park there. We were the only people in the park for quite some time, which meant that The Boy had free rein over the sandy, sunken, pirate ship.)

64. Lick! (The first ice-cream of the year down the beach! The Boy had an eye-test today and he was meant to have eyedrops to test for a stigmatism, however because he held so still and was compliant during the test, he didn't need the drops which I was very relieved about. As a result it meant we were able to nip down to the beach and enjoy an ice-cream on the pier with nana.)

65. Bed Fellows (The Boy looked so peaceful when I went to check on him at midnight, so calm and serene. Oliver Monkey is never far away, and the week wouldn't be complete without a sleeping photo!)

66. Bubbles at Bathtime! (We had an extra long bathtime tonight where we had the bubble machine out, a pot of bubbles and the underwater light – all to remember a special little girl who loved bubbles.)

67. Catch The Pigeon! (Remember the Wacky Races song? Our weekly cycle ride along the pier was just like a scene from that today. The pier was deserted aside from a few elderly couples having their 'daily constitutional' and one or two brave pigeons. I say brave because once The Boy saw them he was determined to scare them away, something that made the grannies and grandads chuckle at!)

68.Splat! (We've been to Nymans for a National Trust event today as we are helping to promote the 50 Things To Do Before You're 11 and ¾ campaign. More to follow on this, and I've had to add this photo in at the last minute so please forgive any editing errors in this post!)

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    • TheBoyAndMe says

      They're massive this week, and the problem is that it's too cold to transfer them outside and I have nowhere to put them!

  1. says

    The pier picture is just lovely – seems so atmospheric

    Oh your picture of your shoots has reminded me I must get planting too

    Love the way you have captured the bubbles

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      He does seem to have had another growth spurt lately, and his hair is ridiculously long which makes him look older too.

  2. says

    The pier shot is lovely. Proper oldschool. Seedlings are looking good! I'd be inclined to keep them indoors for a while yet though. I must have been to Cardiff bay many times as a young child as I grew up not far from there.
    Splat is a fantastic capture with the water coming up from the puddle x

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      He has got a beautiful eye colour, they're like a honey hazel with a hint of green. I've got blue-grey-green eyes and my husband's are hazel brown, it makes The Boy's eyes the greeny tint which I love. Thank you 🙂

  3. says

    An ice cream. Seriously. Are you crazy? Oh what a darling boy and so pleased he didn't have to go the drops. Hope the results of the eye test were what you'd hoped for

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      Absolutely not, it was positively roasting that day, about 8 degrees C! I was very pleased that the eye test came out well, no sign of the stigmatism that the optician was worried about.

  4. says

    What is it about little boys taking offense to pigeons being anywhere near them? It takes us twice as long as it should to walk to most places as Bud spends his time chasing them away!
    This is such a wonderful collection of photos, I couldn't choose a favourite but the action shot in the puddle is fantastic.

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      I have never encouraged him to chase the pigeons, but I certainly wasn't going to stop him as he was having such fun!

  5. says

    a brilliant set of photos! looks like you got out just about every day too 🙂 i like him letting the sand slip through his fingers and the final one in the mud. the NT day sounds like a great day, i look forward to hearing more. x

  6. says

    They're so cute asleep aren't they? But, I think my favourite shot is the one riding his bike on the pier. There's something about the shape of the benches and the almost monochrome background against the colourful boy.

  7. says

    Sorry I thought I had already commented on this.
    The pier looks beautiful. I like the way you've set up that shot.
    The mud looks like a lot of mucky fun in the final photo! Thank goodness for his waterproof suit 🙂

    Thank you for linking up 🙂

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      It's very easy to take a decent shot on the pier because it's so picturesque and the lines of the boards really help to add to the perspective. I *LOVE* that waterproof suit.

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